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  1. I have programmed a bunch of patches, and i want to use vibrato with modwheel. I have now programmed it with the mod matrix where my source is MdW and target is LD1. then i have another mod matrix connection where LFO1 is targeting all osc pitches. In the LFO page i have set LFO1 depth to 0. This way modwheel controls the amount of LFO1 depth, and i have vibrato with modwheel.  My first world problem is when i am switching patches, the one with this style of programming are vibrating until i touch the modwheel (or go to the knobs page and change the parameter of K#1, that is zero but i have to move it to it actually being zero). This is a small but annoying thing. Am i doing things too complicated to get this basic LFO vibrato with ModWheel thing?
  2. Hi guys n gals,   this is the ALBS Waldorf knobs bulk order Spring/Summer 2014 and the continuation of the following, sucessful bulk orders:   Presumably the last bulk order I will run for the Waldorf knobs, as I want to focus more on the metal SEQ4 cases.   New items in this BO are:   Drehknopf DK11-170 A.6/4,5 vertieft (recessed, black) Drehknopf DK45-114 A.6/4,5 schwarz (black)   The Wiki page can be found here:   I may revise some minor details but the bulk order starts today and will end May 13th 2014. I guess there's plenty of time for everybody to sign up.   If you have trouble with your Wiki account, PM me your quantities and the total amount and I will fill it in for you.   Best regards   Martin aka kristal=
  3. Hi MIDI boxers, I would like to buy up to 50 transparent ALBS Waldorf knobs, though I would settle for any number of transparent blue or red or clear ones (please see picture if in doubt of what I'm waffling on about :-) Please PM me if you got any I needz them, Love, -SpaceFIre-
  4. Wanted Waldorf knobs

    Hello, I would need knobs for the original yellow Waldorf Q keyboard. At least 4 but could buy up to the whole set of 59. Of the models in the last Waldorf bulk order I would prefer: Drehknopf DK16-190V3 A.6/4,5 AT=14 schwarz soft-weiß (opaque white) Drehknopf DK16-190V3 A.6/4,5 AT=14 schwarz soft-transparent klar (transparent clear) Drehknopf DK16-190V3 A.6/4,5 AT=14 schwarz soft-transparent blau (transparent blue) But I am interested in any knobs that would fit the Q. I am located in Helsinki, Finland
  5. Hi guys   Summer is over, time for more indoor activities.   The continuation of the following, popular BOs:   The beta Wiki page can be found here:   I may revise some of the details but the bulk order starts October 31st 2013   Also check out the new iDK16 in milky colour.   Best   Martin aka kristal=
  6. awesome parts for midibox

    any body ever heard of this place awesome parts, looks like a lot of things i would like to use on midibox!!!!!
  7. Knobs for Encoders

    I have had the hardest time finding knobs for the Bourns PEC-11 Rotary Encoders. Does anybody have any suggestions?   Thanks, Harry Patterson
  8. Hi guys, new round!   The continuation of the January BO:   Find all the ordering detail here in the Wiki:   And if you need a 19x TRANS/clear kit for a MB6582 quickly, check out:   The BO starts March 21st and will end on April 7th.   Best   Martin aka kristal=
  9. Hi guys   I set up a new bulk order page for those interested in the ALBS Waldorf knobs or the DK38 knob for the SEQ4:   It's designed to run like the ALBS Waldorf knobs bulk order September 2012, hopefully even smoother  :queen:  -   The BO starts January 6th and will end on February 3th.   Ideas and bug reports are welcome!   Best   Martin aka kristal=
  10. Hello everyone, I have a pretty dumb question.  I have ordered 15 encoders for my MB-6582 control surface, and the shaft size is 20mm, however I'm not sure what the size of the knobs I order for them should be.  I assume they shouldn't be the same (as in 20mm) but I'm not sure.  I did a search around the forums to see if this had been asked before, and tried to compare other peoples builds to part sizes but couldn't find any for-sure answer.    Thanks for any help!