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  1. Panel Mount Encoder

    Good morning, by any chance, does someone know a good alternative to the ALPS STEC12E08 rotary encoder which is panel mountable (thread + screw), but with similar properties (durability, steps, switch, etc)? I tried checking directly on the Alps homepage, but was lost in all their versions sooo quickly... Thanks a lot in advance.   Best, Karg
  2. Accessible MIDIBox Lite

      Hi, I'm a blind musician and A MIDIBox Lite looks like a good solution for me, but I'd like some advice on a couple of component choices: 1 - Can anybody recommend suitable buttons for the GP buttons that have good tactile feedback (i.e. a reliable "click", not a spongy rubber button)? 2 - I'd like to add the encoder option for setting BPM so, again, could anybody recommend a good quality one that clicks around rather than being a smooth action? Many thanks in advance. Tim  
  3. hey guys, i am planning on getting some midibox pcbs done, mostly cause i need them myself but i might just do a slightly bigger run and make them available to the community at cost.   mostly i am looking to do a version of @Fairlightiii's rotary encoder / led ring board: 4x2 encoders seems fine, as discussed here but i really want to do a 4x1 version instead, to keep it more modular for different configurations. now here's the thing. by now i got back into electronics enough that i can (barely) assemble the simpler ones of my diy kits. yeah i understand a resistor. but designing/altering a circuit would eat up way too much time for me. so here's my request:   is there anybody anybody willing and able ont his board to help me change/reconstruct a proper 4x1 midibox-compliant pcb circuit based on this info?   i am also thinking about getting the CORE and DIN/DOUT modules done, especially for easier EU availability. but those are somewhat available through modular addict so i am talking to him too to see what makes sense. based on the first cost estimeate i got from china i think i might want to produce the ENC/LED modules FULLY ASSEMBLED, with smd leds and all circuitry, but without the encoders. also in the end i will try to have them done in china and work with local EU producers instead, depending on the financial overhead of that.   once i have the circuit design settled i will msot likey also start a bulk buy thing here.
  4. Encoders in matrix designs

    Need some technical advice about a question: May encoders be managed in a switch matrix design? see it may allow to manage large encoders numbers by having less DIN/DOUTs inputs outputs Bests, JK
  5. Good evening everybody ! I found back 20 clickable detended rotary encoders, wich have 3 pins on bottom for the 'spin' and 2 pins on top for the click (bourns branded if i remember well). My question is the following : with a 1n48 diode security, could i handle the click (SPST) of my rotary encoder as a button on a DIN module? thanks in advance, regards
  6. MB-6582 push encoder fonction

    Hi all the Wilba MB-6582 CS layout have push button encoder capability... i don't find info on this! is it implemented? how to activate it? THX Nico
  7. I'm using it to trigger a relay for solenoid fun. I'm waiting for some transistor to see if i can get those to work in place of the relays. Also testing encoders to add to my old box. I need and encoder for selecting scenes in ableton.   Previous build.   here's a video of the solenoid in action   have fun! K-rAd
  8. awesome parts for midibox

    any body ever heard of this place awesome parts, looks like a lot of things i would like to use on midibox!!!!!
  9. Encodeur type "detent"

    Bonjour à tous !   Voilà, je suis en train de fabriquer une Midio128. Je suis actuellement à phase test des DINs. Seulement, j'ai un problème avec les encodeurs. En effets, ce sont des type « detent Â», et du coup, lorsque j'incrémente (ou décrémente) une fois, ils m'envoient ceci comme genre de signaux  :   90 02 7f Chn# 1 Note On d-2 Vel : 127 90 03 7f Chn# 1 Note On d#2 Vel : 127 90 02 00 Chn# 1 Note Off d-2 (optimized) 90 03 00 Chn# 1 Note Off d#2 (optimized)     Ce qui est normal vu le type d'encodeur.     Seulement, quand je le connecte au logiciel que je veux commander (GrandMa2 OnPc), qui réagit que sur les « note on Â», il m'envoie forcément une info et son contraire : il incrémente ET il décrémente en même temps !   Y-a t-il un moyen de palier ceci ?   D'avance merci !   Ci-dessous la fiche technique de l'encodeur :
  10. optical encoders again..

    thers quite little bout optical encoders in this forum ,though i read a lot bout mouse wheels i still dont know how optical encs are supported in general by mios . due to higher res. i really favour opticals . as stecs or pecs only provide a max. resolution of 24 which gives 96 steps at x4, i´d love to have at least 32 x4 per revolution. my question is if those 10k resistors on the DINX_INs are there to debounce the mech. encoders ? if so may i leave out the 10k´s if optical encoders are preferd ? further i read into encoders from CUI with 32 pos. p. rev. - they state a 5.1 k pull-up on their channels which is confusing to me. (they dnt really need debouncing)   anyone could explain to me if i could exchange the 10k on DINX_IN to 5.1 whilst using those encoders. ? thank you for your time.
  11. [ S O L D ]   Hi there! In 2007 I did a bulk-order for ALPS Motorfaders and bought some circuit boards and other parts to build two MidiBox LC (6 Ch and 20Ch). For more than 5 years I didn't get to build those Boxes, now I have a lot of spare parts lying around that I'd like to get rid of. I'm keeping some parts, just in case and sell those other parts:   PUSH-Encoder ALPS EC11E15244BY - à 0,90 €     Motorfader ALPS RSAON (10k) - à 15,- € Each incl: 1x plastic cap AND 1x silver touch cap!     MBHP_MF (R2) Modules - à 5,- € Core (R4D)Modules - à 5,- € DINx4 (R5) Modules - à 5,- € DOUTx4 (R5) Modules - à 5,- € AINx4 (R4) Modules - à 5,- €     GM5 MIDI Interfaces with GM5 Chip - à 5,- € MidiBox CV KIT incl. ICs - 30,- € Each kit incl: 1x PIC 18F452-I/P and 2x MAX 525 BCPP If you're interrested, drop me an email at Payments via bank transfer or paypal ( +1,9% +0,35 € ). Shipping will be from germany.   I'd be happy to help you out!     Best regards, Paul
  12. Sale: 19 inch plate EQ/Isolator

    Hello,   I am selling these two plates due to overproduction.   3mm Aluminium Raw finish (If you want I can brush it and throw some clear coating on it for a bit extra if you don't want to do it yourself) 19 inch 1U Mountingholes 5/9 Mountingholes for Pots or Encoders (Designed as Isolator or Controller/EQ) There are 2 or 3 available of each.   Note that these plates are quite heavy, so shipping to outter Germany might be costy!   If interested, please PM me.   I had no acces to a better camera so picture quality isn't the best.  
  13. MB64e control surface

    Today I etched a few more PCBs. Now the control surface is complete. Or that is - I haven't yet soldered on most of the cables on the new boards, but components are soldered, backlight on the menu encoder is tested, ok (looks good as expected hehe) and I laid it out on the workbench to see how I want the frontpanel to be. I think I'm gonna use this setup here, unless I get any bright ideas or any bright tips :). It has 8 general purpose encoders, 8 general purpose buttons, encoder for left/right navigation, it got the enter button (besides the menu encoder, and it got the snapshot button by itself - on the same pcb as the enter button :). The buttons is just the same as in the mb6582. I have looked around the net (especially on ALBS) and found many very cool tactile switches that I could easily used for this box, but the reason why I used these buttons is that I had them in my drawer NOW, and I had a lot of em, so I figured - simple and fast - no waiting for parts etc etc. so that's why the buttons are rather boring - but I suspect they'll do the job anyway hehe. In addition - its gonna have 4 analog inputs on the back (via mini-xlr) - for expression pedals mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Since I have only one pedal now, I have to have a way to ground the unsused input easily without opening the case - so I have ordered in a bunch of dip-switches. I have thought and thought, and I think this is a cool solution - dips available from the back panel. Makes it easy to "program" when I need it, and hard to accidentally operate :). It got the 16x2 LED - wich has green letters on black background, and green backlight for knobs. Any day now, the Core8, AIN, DIN and a bunch of other goodies are dropping in my mailbox from smashTV, and once I get those, I can wire everything up and actually test it. If everything works in a satisfying way, I'm building the case next - I'm doing it simple - just bending some alu plates and put together. Give it a coat and 10 of cool paint, and we're there. If I come across a case I can use, I'll do that instead of making my own - wich takes long time even if it's simple design. Well, enough talking, lets see the picture :). - yes there is only one today :P.
  14. MB64E Side project

    Yo! Just thought I'd do a small blog entry on the sideproject (I consider the synths my main projects). A midibox 64e. This is a short term project, and all parts have arrived or are on their way. It's gonna have 9 encoders, lcd and some buttons + 4 expression pedal connections. One pedal is soon built - waiting for the last parts to arrive from the states :). Anyway, some of you might have seen my picture of the encoder PCB. Now, here is a couple of pics of the finished built pcb. Also fitted on top is a PCB mockup (thick paper). This is gonna be housing all the smd leds for the knob backlights. This hasn't been etched yet because I discovered I needed to do a couple of layout changes - the leds are a bit too close to the encoder shaft than I'd like it to be... :). As you can see, this is gonna be a encoder control surface sandwitch :D. The cables are rainbow ribbon cable from tim's and I have split them up and put on some nylon stockings :P. Heat shrink tubes holds them in place ;).