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  1. MIDIbox 2069

    Hello, Here, it's all about the NJM2069 and its MIDIbox Module. Here an old topic which is talking about too, I mention it too in the TIA Cartridge topic as a possible option for. First some words about the chip. Some of you already know it. It's present in some KORG products from the 80s, In Analog Hybrid Synths like the DW and EX series, DW-6000, DW-8000, and the Poly800... I've got the smallest one, the EX-800. You can find it too in Some samplers of the same brand, in the DSS-1 for example. The NJM2069 is Music Voicing System, like SSM brand used to say. Very close to the SSM2045, same functions but not the same tech. It's an OTA based LPF but it's not just a filter. It is composed of 4 VCA and 1 VCF Low Pass 4 Poles. 2 VCA are fixed on the VCF inputs named SIG1 and SIG2. 1 is used for the Resonance. The last VCA if fully independent. The VCF part has 3 Inputs: - SIG1 Signal 1 with VCA - SIG2 Signal 2 with VCA - VCF IN is a direct input to the VCF. 2 Outputs: - 2P, 2 poles Output - 4P, 4 poles Output and 5 CV Inputs - SIG1 Level - SIG2 Level - Freq Log - Freq Lin - Resonance The Independent VCA Has is own input and Output and 2 CV inputs, first is linear CV the other is labelled Log in some version and seems to be a bias on another and is finally not usable, i think. Here the function diagram and pinout. I didn't find too much documentation, no datasheet. And some written information on the internet are wrong. For example i read somewhere that the chip is not able to self oscillate! It's wrong! Mine on a bread board do it very well ;) Not too much data then i used the service manual of the Poly-800, DW-8000 and DSS-1 to prototype my board. And after some testing, analyze... Finally design a first PCB version. DDS-1 Service Manual DW-8000 Service Manual Poly-800 Service Manual ... Enough for today, i will continue later ;) ...  
  2. NJM2069

    From the album MIDIBox 2069

    NJM2069 in a cable jungle!
  3. Hardware jam

    Here's my first live jam with my Sammich, I started experimenting with the step sequencer and found it to be most enthralling!
  4. Hey everyone,   I bought a Kross synth from Korg a few months ago, and now use it as a live inbstrument with my own Korg EMX-1.   The Kross synth is very nice, but is too unconvenient to use live. All settings are mastered by the software, and you have to access menus, and under menus to modify anything, kind of boring... I now use the Korg Kross Editor, that allows me to controll Kross faster and easier.   I have never built a MIDI controller myself, I just started getting informed on the topic, and it seems accessible.   So here's my question, I'd like to know what you guys can tell me about building a MIDI controller that would be directly made for my Korg Kross ? Is that doable ? And how ?   Cheers everyone !
  5. Rogue Osanai

    From the album Rogue Osanai

    I have already sourced these components from eBay and waiting for them to arrive: 1 LCD 40x40 white text on black 1 I2C module 17 Black retro-style knobs 15 mm 5 rotary encoders 12 potentiometers 10Kohm with breakout-boards