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  1. Hey all,   I think this is the right place to post this but please point me in the right direction if im in the wrong place. So a while ago I started asking around about trying to get hold of a PCB for on of Fairlght's LRE8x2CS boards. Sadly it seems fairlight isnt around but thank you  to him for the inspiration. Id been meaning to get around to building a rotary encoder setup for a while but i didnt want to build a 2 PCB setup with a DIN DOUT and encoder / led ring setup. I read up on the OLRE but im not sure my SMD soldering is up to scratch. Anyhow so i thought id poke through Fairlights schematic and see if could understand some of the details and make use of his schematics to build something smaller and thought it might be useful to post here for a sense check. The schematic is 2x4 version of fairlights and it doesnt have the push button encoders like fairlight's version (mostly because i didnt have a 16mm push button encoder for eagle and to be honest im still learning the software!)   Im happy to share the eagle files with both the pcb and schematic files if anyone wants and it helps them to get up and running although my pcb has a slightly different spacing for encoders so i could easily work in mm. It should be able however to place 2 alongside one another and still be able to fit within a 19 inch 2U rack mount.
  2. Dear members. In the perspective of the upcoming bulk order of the MB-LRE8x2CS (Rev 4.6) I opened a waiting list.     It is a all-in-one board including DINx4 module, improved DOUTx4 module, 16 LEDrings and 16 encoders. This control surface board is a very practical and cheap way to make a midi controller with adding only a core or make a more important controller without having to wire LEDrings.   I included also 3 others boards to the list: MB-LR4x2CS_RED: 4×2 LEDrings board already populated by (128x) 1206 red SMD LEDs, MB-LR4x2CS_BLUE: 4×2 LEDrings board already populated by (128x) 1206 blue SMD LEDs, MB-E4x2CS: 4×2 Encoders board, MB-LR4x2CS and MB-E4x2CS are stacked one on the other. And 16mm undetended encoders (with 20 and 25 mm shaft) to know how much is there an interest for. You will find more informations on my Wiki page. Best regards, Jerome.