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  1. Midibox LRE8x2CS.zipMidibox LRE4x2CS.zip It looks like i created a version for a 1x4 and a 1x8 when i worked on this. I dont beleive the 1x8 is laid out though. I have never had these printed so they are entirely untested and the schematics are generated from the PDF of the original LRE or the midibox wiki. Perhaps these can be added there long term if we get a working version. Again though id recommend double checking my work before having anything printed. It's also the first go i had at laying out a PCB so might well be worth making sure ive done nothing stupid with the board layouts.
  2. Sadly I haven’t made any progress on this really. The schematic isnt tested but more than happy to share it if you want to use the eagle files. I’ll have to route it out. I ended up using the LRE 1x4 boards produced by Weasel found here
  3. Hey all, I think this is the right place to post this but please point me in the right direction if im in the wrong place. So a while ago I started asking around about trying to get hold of a PCB for on of Fairlght's LRE8x2CS boards. Sadly it seems fairlight isnt around but thank you to him for the inspiration. Id been meaning to get around to building a rotary encoder setup for a while but i didnt want to build a 2 PCB setup with a DIN DOUT and encoder / led ring setup. I read up on the OLRE but im not sure my SMD soldering is up to scratch. Anyhow so i thought id poke throu
  4. @FantomXR Thanks, I'd definately be interested. Sadly though i havent done any SMD soldering. Having said that now may be a good time to start.
  5. Oh wow thats sad. Well farewell Fairlightiii and thanks for your efforts and thanks for the heads up and welcome Hawkeye :)
  6. The new boards look amazing fairlightiii great work! Would love to get hold of 4 of the sandwich 2x4 for rotaries and led surrounds. Is it likely you would do another BO any time soon?
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