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  1. Hi, I need help. I want to make a lighting midi controller. I need 15 motorized faders and 60 backlit buttons.  I looked at many systems on how I could make this. I came across Midi Box and I like it so far. But I don't know what I'm doing.  What Parts do I need to control 15 motorized faders and 60 buttons using this system and how would I connect it all.    Thanks in advance
  2. Parting ways with MBSEQ Control Surface PCB and parts kit and most of built and to be built DIY audio projects.   Comes straight out of my DIY audio box which seemingly have been left for far too long unattended, and life moves on at its own pace.  What you receive: MBSEQ Control Surface PCB in original plastic wrap MBSEQ Control Surface Parts Kit in original plastic wrap (SmashTV)  Encoders (17) !!! After taking the photos, I realized tactile pushbutton switches do not belong to this kit and you will need more anyways. They probably belong to another cool DIY project i had collected for many years. Anyways, if you think you'll have a use for them too, tell me so otherwise they wont be included. Crossing fingers so these terrific board, encoders and the parts kit would be a fast-forward track for somebody with true DIY spirit out there who could  enjoy it as much as one dreamt of.     Not looking to profit, Shipping from Canada or US at cost. Kartoshka
  3. mb_6582 fan - type

    does anyone have a mouser part nr. for the air-fan, or anywhere else i can order it in EU Also the 100K feedback dual-pots would be interesting.   thx phat
  4. I have a bunch of MIDIbox boards and parts that I purchased around 2006.  All parts were bought from SmashTV.  I had bought enough to make 2 SID engines with an elaborate MIDI controller interface.  I also built a custom wood/plexiglass PCB mount which is included along with a bunch of schematic printouts   Below are images of everything. $60 for everything plus shipping based on your location.  I can give you my ebay name and business website for reference.       Included Parts:   Soldered: CoreR4C (Bootstrap V1_2) SID R3 (no SID chip) DIN R3 DOUT R3 AIN R3 Unsoldered: CoreR4C (no chip) SID R3 (no chip) (2) DIN R3 DOUT R3 Other: MBHP LTC R2 LCD V002210 rev C Bootstrap v1_1b(may not work) (2) small memory chips Parts: (5) MIDI jacks (3 panel-mount, 2 surface-mount) (10) encoders (1) pot (16) small buttons (4) toggle switches (1) knob cap ribbon cable (LCD size) header pins (male and female) (20+) black cable connectors Commodore Parts: (1) original C64 power supply with separate connector pulled from original machine (4)2200uf 16V caps (4)470uf 50V caps assorted components pulled from original C64 board Misc: (1) Wooden/Plastic assembled mount for testing boards (includes MIDI I/O, Power connector, switch, encoders) (2) Large PCB yellow blank sheets                Partlist.pdf
  5. Hallo, ich bin neu bei MIDIbox und wollte eine MIDIbox SID V2 bauen. Jedoch finde ich keine konkrete Liste von Teilen die ich beim Bau einer ganzen Midibox Sid V2 brauche. (preis ? ca 200€ ? ) Das einzige was ich fand waren listen für die Minimal Version oder der sammichSID version / mb_6582 Version. Ich will jedoch diese Version Bauen    Ich kann gut Löten und hab auch ein einigermaßen gutes Grundwissen über Elektronik.   Versteh ich etwas falsch oder warum finde ich keine Details? (Suche seit 1 Woche auf den Seiten)   -Steffen    
  6. I bought a newhaven oled to put in the sammichSID, but it does not appear to be compatible. Should have checked here first. The sammichSID works fine otherwise, except for the screen.   Is this LCD compatible with the sammichSID?   datasheet:   Also can someone help me find a replacement part for the dual inline header with the long tail on digikey?   Thank you.
  7. I have a Tascam FW-1884 fire wire DAW Control & Interface. The fire wire bus is really shotty and tascam doesn't have any drivers for my OS. I was wondering if I could use parts from it to build a new controller?