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  1. [sOLD]   Looking to sell one spare gm5x5x5 board for reasonable price (not trying to make money on it, but also not hysteric about loosing on, you know)  :smile:   It is working and once soldered back in 201?, was stored in my DIY box. I ordered many of those and used only one. Please PM with offers.        
  2. [S] Custom MB6582 - unique item

    This mb6582 skin is beautiful. One thing I am curious - why won't you install acrylic screen window protection, giving you flat look in there too.
  3. [SOLD] MB6582 PanelSet

  4. [SOLD] MB6582 PanelSet

    florian changed his mind the next day - so panels are available.
  5. WTB: MB-6582

    Have you seen 
  6. [SOLD] MB6582 PanelSet

    SOLD. Selling PanelSet for MB6582 PacTec PT-10, with manual silkscreening.   This set was painted black with heating in industrial owen, not homemade (it was more than 3 years ago). And the screening itself was done in art lab manually, so it's having it's pros and cons (after all it's DIY :shifty: ). Dont expect wonders from this screening. You may rescreen it if you want, or repaint... the bare metal is 100% matching the specs :-) Also get free panelset of the original pactec case.   http://believe.mytinydream.com/nov-2013/free-mbsid-v2-panelset.jpg  
  7. Native Instruments Kore Controller

    they are very similar to ones used in x0xb0xes (VR4, VR6), made by Taiwan Alpha Electronics.
  8. MIDIbox SEQ Aluminium Desktop Case

    Julian, good to see you're interested in these enclosures, too. After these boxes are distributed, i would like to order a set of mbseq panels of yours, down the road. No hurry for me. :thumbsup:
  9. [S] Core32 Assembled PNW, US

    pm sent
  10. MIDIbox SEQ Aluminium Desktop Case

    does this imply you have intentions of distributing them altogether with the enclosures or separately, in some way, too?
  11. PCB bulk order

    Thank you, Smash... Silently waiting for my turn too )
  12. Noobie - Want to build SEQ v4

    are they? Did i miss them going mass production, becoming generally available? :blush:
  13. I require to acquisition bargain such a cat.

    RB is the most friendly breed ever.
  14. House Burgled, Midibox Sid Stolen

    and i thought they won't take things they don't know what they are, what to do with them AND which are heavy... man i was so wrong. sorry to hear about your loss man. :mad:
  15. Purchase Request

    so true here as well