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  1. Hey guys, After a bit of troubleshooting I thought I would post here to see if anyone could help. I have two MBHP_MIDI_IO modules connected to my MBHP_CORE_STM32F4. All of the Input/Outputs of the first MBHP_MIDI_IO work but on the second MBHP_MIDI_IO (which is daisy chained to the first) all work apart from OUT3. After checking the IC's and all the soldering etc I swapped the MBHP_MIDI_IO boards around and still OUT3 was not working (this time it was on the other MBHP_MIDI_IO). So both boards are working but for some reason OUT3 is not getting any output. On the Midibox Seq MIDI monitor it looks like data is being sent out but nothing arrives at the output.  Anyone know what might be the issue here? Cheers, Steve