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  1. optical encoders again..

    thers quite little bout optical encoders in this forum ,though i read a lot bout mouse wheels i still dont know how optical encs are supported in general by mios . due to higher res. i really favour opticals . as stecs or pecs only provide a max. resolution of 24 which gives 96 steps at x4, i´d love to have at least 32 x4 per revolution. my question is if those 10k resistors on the DINX_INs are there to debounce the mech. encoders ? if so may i leave out the 10k´s if optical encoders are preferd ? further i read into encoders from CUI with 32 pos. p. rev. - they state a 5.1 k pull-up on their channels which is confusing to me. (they dnt really need debouncing)   anyone could explain to me if i could exchange the 10k on DINX_IN to 5.1 whilst using those encoders. ? thank you for your time.