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  1. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    what is the psu on this photo ? specs ? where to get it ? it has +12 -12 gnd and 5v ?
  2. is there any date to get new seq cs boards ?

  3. SCS display and ssd1306

    hey .  i am slightly confused about the lcd options on ng. its stated in ng options that its not possible to mix up clcd with oleds or other displays .  i want to build a controller with 16, 24 or even 32 encoders with a dedicated ssd1306 each . i´d like to have the standard control surface on this controller as well . but as the 1306 are way to tiny to work as a display for SCS how can i achieve this ? i thought about using other oleds like 1325 for scs (as they come as big as 3.1 inch) but still the controller will be different to the 1306.  is there a way of having the scs with a big display and the 1306 for the encoders ? thanks for any help in advance  
  4. MIDIbox NG Release + Feedback

    Hey Thorsten. Thanks for your effort. 32 levels is nice :smile: I have changed the files accordingly but still get an error here: Creating object file for mbng_matrix.c src/mbng_matrix.c: In function 'MBNG_MATRIX_DOUT_PinSet': src/mbng_matrix.c:524:3: error: #error "Please adapt this code according to the different NUM_MATRIX_DIM_LEVELS" make: *** [project_build/src/mbng_matrix.o] Error 1 i guess its because of this : #if NUM_MATRIX_DIM_LEVELS != (MIOS32_SRIO_NUM_DOUT_PAGES/2) but when i change MIOS32_SRIO_NUM_DOUT_PAGES to 64 i will run into the same problem you described when using 64 levels.   ...also don´t i have to change mbng_dout.c too ?   #define NUM_DIM_LEVELS 16 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //! local variables ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// static const u32 dim_pattern[NUM_DIM_LEVELS] = { 0x00000000, // 0 0x00000001, // 1 0x00010001, // 2 0x01010101, // 3 0x01010103, // 4 0x01030103, // 5 0x03030303, // 6 0x03130313, // 7 0x13131313, // 8 0x33333333, // 9 0x33373337, // 10 0x37373737, // 11 0x77777777, // 12 0x777f777f, // 13 0x7f7f7f7f, // 14 0xffffffff, // 15 if so, how does the dim_pattern change ?   thank you very much for your time . ps. my coding skills are very low .   best regards
  5. MIDIbox NG Release + Feedback

    Is it possible to increase the dim_levels per led to 32 or even 64 ? also in the matrix config ? could i simply add dim_levels in the sourcecode and compile ? what limits the amount of dim_levels ?
  6. LF33CV gets really hot (LPC17V.1)

    SOLVED . The contacts on the board were soldered bad
  7. Hello. After successfull boot of MB NG and adding the SDCard, i noticed the LF33CV gets quiet hot also the tiny VoltageRegulator on the SDCard Slot gets quiet hot . Did i miss something ? The Board is powered by USB.              
  8. is it somehow possible to realize to send keystrokes as in typed from a keyboard from a midibox application like mb-ng ?   e.g to have special keystroke events ( cmd +s / ctrl+s ) assigned to buttons organized in the .ngc and send them via usb.   i have read the nxpUSBlib supports composite devices but i have no idea how difficult it is to accomplish.
  9. optical encoders again..

    thers quite little bout optical encoders in this forum ,though i read a lot bout mouse wheels i still dont know how optical encs are supported in general by mios . due to higher res. i really favour opticals . as stecs or pecs only provide a max. resolution of 24 which gives 96 steps at x4, i´d love to have at least 32 x4 per revolution. my question is if those 10k resistors on the DINX_INs are there to debounce the mech. encoders ? if so may i leave out the 10k´s if optical encoders are preferd ? further i read into encoders from CUI with 32 pos. p. rev. - they state a 5.1 k pull-up on their channels which is confusing to me. (they dnt really need debouncing)   http://www.cui.com/product/resource/c14.pdf   anyone could explain to me if i could exchange the 10k on DINX_IN to 5.1 whilst using those encoders. ? thank you for your time.
  10. hello. i was searching the forums already for this topic. my knowledge about midibox-stuff + c programming is very little so dont blame me for this, thx. is it possible to implement 2x sync24 outs + individual (apart from the midi start/stop) start/stop button for the sync outs into the clockbox ? also does the clockbox app work with the core32 or do i have to adapt a lot of code to make this work . thanks in advance.