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  1. [WTB] EU GM 5x5x5

    Interested in either complete units or bare PCBs w/chips. I will need more than one unit so bulk offers are welcome. I'm located in Athens, Greece. Thanks:)
  2. Seems Ploytec developed a succesor of the old GM5. It's USB 3.0 with up to 16x16 MIDI In/Out. It's not atmel based like the old GM5, instead it will use Texas Instruments TUSB9261. I called them some minutes before and the friendly Ploytec employee told me, that within the next half year there will also become a board available with pinheaders for the shiftregisters etc. He gave me the approval to repost the PDFs here. usb3_midijunction_sch_16x16.pdf usb3_midijunction_sch_8x8.pdf usb3_midijunction_sch_1x1.pdf
  3. Hello, I would like to sell my GM5x5x5 PCB with GM5 chip already soldered in. The chip was professionally soldered in by my friend who is electronics professional and used special tools to do that. SOLD I also have one GM5x5x5 which is completely finished but doesn't work properly. It boots up, and shows up in MIDI preferences (i.e Ableton Live) and it seems it works in Ploytec configuration (Jumper J8 open), but it only shows inputs and no outputs in Midibox configuration (Jumper J8 closed). Maybe i don't know how to set up those jumpers or there is some faulty component on board, but I have no time nor will to go any further with troubleshooting it as I have bought another MIDI interface for me which perfectly suits my needs. If anyone is interested - please send me an offer via PM. PHOTOS: PCB + Chip [SOLD]     PCB + Chip + Components [STILL AVAILABLE]   Thats how it looks in Ableton Live prefs: J8 jumper closed: J8 jumper open:
  4. Hi, I have five pieces of GM5 chip for sale - each for 10,- EUR plus postage 3,50 EUR (in EU).   Or all five pieces for 40,- EUR (free postage).   Paypal accepted.   Or you can use eBay (but for higher price)