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  1. [FS] GM5x5x5

    Parting ways with the ultra-rare GM5x5x5 and most of other built and to be built DIY audio projects.   Comes straight out of my DIY audio box which seemingly have been left for far too long unattended, and life moves on at its own pace.    Not looking to profit, Shipping from Canada at cost. Kartoshka
  2. Hi,   I am try to use more than two GM5x5x5 module on my Windows7 .   After tried a lot of jumper settings only two module can work without any strange issue ( like plug and unplug the third module to make the system see it and so on ).   I would try to use the eeprom .   So I have two ( at least ) questions:   Can the eeprom configuration help me to creating 5 different ( for the OS ) GM5x5x5 modules ? What I have to modify in the app to create a unique ID ( or name ) for each GM5x5x5 module ?   I am using the driver and already have modified the name in the .inf file   Thanks for any help   Best regards   Antonio
  3. Hello, I would like to sell my GM5x5x5 PCB with GM5 chip already soldered in. The chip was professionally soldered in by my friend who is electronics professional and used special tools to do that. SOLD I also have one GM5x5x5 which is completely finished but doesn't work properly. It boots up, and shows up in MIDI preferences (i.e Ableton Live) and it seems it works in Ploytec configuration (Jumper J8 open), but it only shows inputs and no outputs in Midibox configuration (Jumper J8 closed). Maybe i don't know how to set up those jumpers or there is some faulty component on board, but I have no time nor will to go any further with troubleshooting it as I have bought another MIDI interface for me which perfectly suits my needs. If anyone is interested - please send me an offer via PM. PHOTOS: PCB + Chip [SOLD]     PCB + Chip + Components [STILL AVAILABLE]   Thats how it looks in Ableton Live prefs: J8 jumper closed: J8 jumper open:
  4. GM5x5x5 Bauteil Frage

    Hallo Leute, hallo nILS, Ich bastel grad an nem GM5x5x5 Board rev. 1.12 Ich hab mal ne Frage zu Kondensator C10. In der Bauteilauflistung ( ist der mit 1µF angegeben. Allerdings hab ich beim Kauf bei Reichelt die vorgefertigte Bauteilliste benutzt (und wohl nicht ausreichend überprüft), und so hab ich heute beim Zusammenbau des Boards festgestellt, daß die Liste bzw Lieferung gar keinen 1µF sondern einen zusätzlichen 100nF enthält. Irritierenderweise ist auf den Fotos hier auch nur ein 100nF für C10 verbaut worden: Tuts der 100nF genauso wie ein 1µF, oder wie darf ich die unterschiedlichen Werte deuten?   LG Thomasch
  5. Hi, I have five pieces of GM5 chip for sale - each for 10,- EUR plus postage 3,50 EUR (in EU).   Or all five pieces for 40,- EUR (free postage).   Paypal accepted.   Or you can use eBay (but for higher price)
  6. [sOLD]   Looking to sell one spare gm5x5x5 board for reasonable price (not trying to make money on it, but also not hysteric about loosing on, you know)  :smile:   It is working and once soldered back in 201?, was stored in my DIY box. I ordered many of those and used only one. Please PM with offers.        
  7. [WTB] GM5x5x5 pcb and chipset

    I Am digging one or two PCB-chipset sets. Thanks :)
  8. GM5x5x5 racks

    From the album sineSurfer

    This is how it looks when the racks are plugged into the usb hub without power, I guess all five output leds turn on to indicate this. When the usb hub is powered the leds go off

    © sineSurfer®2013

  9. Questions about GM5x5x5

    Settings for number of active ports is on the board, does the white dot represent jumpered?     What is J8 for?     Does the main led need to be populated to make the device work?