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  1. K-rAd's MB SEQV4 Progress?

    Starting a post to show the progress of my MIDIbox seqv4 build.   Go!   Ordered the STM32f4 CORE and MIDI IO. They are in progress.   stuffed the 20 pin dip in backwards! oops! How the fuck did i do that? :( Marked it to remind myself. Also wating for the 25 position headers for the discovery socket. i had a hard time finding these in the US. so ebay? ok. Also had to order the 74HCT541 on ebay.     Also ordered an AOUT original version which i don't have parts for yet. I am waiting for the seqv4 control panel pcb to show up at smashTV. Also need a second MIDI IO pcb from smashTV. i may buy a panel from fabien at "thebeast". i may order a panel from frontpanelexpress. i am on the list for the 3rd round of the "SEQ4 Heidenreich Case Bulk 2014". i need to design and build a power supply. i want to control my modular eurorack and midi gear.   alsoneed to fixmyspace bar!