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  1. i have soldered a wire from ground to the side of R59 closest to the usb jack and it works. I finally got around to trying this. Now i can use my mpd18 with a homeade usb -b to usb -b cable. Having 16 pads hooked up to the 16 trigger outs is going to be sweet! Cheers
  2. Wow yogi. Thanks for looking into the disco board for me. I will try this and report back. Yeah i I wanted all the jacks to be accessible. I hate reaching behind stuff to find a jack. Also the seq was intended to sit in front of a modular setup. So it's not static at all. The cv/gate, clock, and triggers are used for different things in every patch. Bending the front panel was a little scary but fun. ;) My my whole life is playing with cables.
  3. Hey yogi. Thanks a lot. I pretty much came to the same conclusion. Add a switch to ground pin 4 of the micro usb on the disco board. I'll most likely leave a jumper in at j17 and just never use the Ac plug when connected to a computer for Sysex updates Thanks for the kind worlds. I need to post some pics of my box all finished. As soon as I had the thing working I sort of stopped documenting. It's just so fun to play with.
  4. This is true. For safety reasons j17 should be open when powering the core externally to prevent frying your computer when you plug in the usb. However, when you need to power a midi controller through the usb and you are using external power for your core, j17 must be closed to give 5v to the midi controller. So now you have to be carefull and never plug the midibox into the computer with the external power supply connected. I still need a solution for a usb otg cable with a usb b jack on the end. ;) If i make this cable will it also work when the midibox is not a host? Or will i ha
  5. Ok. I'm pretty sure my problem is the cable. I installed a USB b jack on my seqv4 case that connects to the micro usb on the discovery board. So now i need a way of converting an OTG cable to usb b on both ends. doh: i made a usb b to usb b cable but that only worked for powering the device and the midibox wont go into host mode. Is there any way that i can add a couple resistors to my diy cable to make it otg? edit: i think i screwed my self by putting a usb b jack on the midibox as i only have access to 4 pins of the micro usb on the discovery
  6. Thanks Latig. I put a jumper at J17 and the MPD18 powers up just fine. I'm just not getting any data transfer now. If i watch the midi monitor i see no incoming data. Any ideas what might be wrong?
  7. If i am using J2 to power my STM32F4 core with a 5v supply and i want to try USB host mode.....i should put a jumper in at J17? Then I will need to be careful not to use an external power source and plug the USB into my computer at the same time? Is this correct? I'm afraid to fry stuff as i love my seq right now. I'm trying to use an akai mpd18 as a USB input to the seq. the mpd18 has usb only. otherwise i will have to buy a kenton USB host to use these devices?
  8. Sounds like I'm ready to jump to a new version! Thanks TK for all your work. I just played my first solo performance with the seq and a modular and I've never felt more at home. Thank you.
  9. A request for seqv4+ please save robotizer settings when a session is saved. Ive been using the skip, octave and length features quite a bit and its a drag to redo the settings when a session is loaded. Thanks
  10. First steps are also not played when midi delay is used.
  11. i'm not sure if i'm the first to find this problem..... Drum triggers from analog out via ch16 will turn off if a delay of "0ms" is selected on all the midi outs in the bpm page. In other words I can mute and unmute my 16 DOUT drum triggers by toggling between 0ms and -1ms on any midi out in the bpm page. Currently running v 4.089 maybe this is already fixed in v 4.091?
  12. i'm not sure if i'm the first to find this problem..... my drum tracks from an analog out ch16 will turn off if no delay is selected on any midi out in the bpm page. i can mute and unmute my analog out drum tracks by toggling between 0 and -1ms on any midi out in the bpm page
  13. ok well. I like Robotizer a lot! and i wish i was able to save the settings for this effect. thanks TK. Hoping it becomes a more permanent feature.
  14. Why are the Robotizer FX not saved with the session? How can I fix this?
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