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  1. Hello all! I didn't know where to post this, looked through all the topics. Please move or advice if not right :) I'm getting nearly completed with my all hardware setup. The Midibox really was the missing link, linking it all together and sequencing the hell out of everything (especially my PerFourmer and JD990).. anyways, there seems to be a problem, although not sure if this is problem or just reality/the-real-life/not-fantasy.  Here I am sending out clock from the Midibox SEQ V4 to both the Tempest and MPC5000 (IIC2 & IIC3). The sync should be tight, but it just isn't. I turn on the click of the Tempest and the MPC5000 and they don't match up.. One is kinda late. Anyone have a positive experience doing this? Or is it normal that some hardware is later than others? It should be tight right due to the Midibox? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. in our band we are playing with the thougt to record our sessions with the zoom livetrack-l12...but this have no midi... up to now we recordet only the master-track without any midi at all so my question is: is it possible to convert a midistream to audio? and convert this audio-recording back to midi? so i could use one o the 12 channels for the midi (clock start stop notes and so on) are there already devices out there? i can remember that 30 years ago such things as midi tape exist... or is it maybe a cheap trick that can be solved with an optocopler an opamp and a few lines of code?     EDIT: its done   VIDEO-Overdubbing a JP8080:    
  3. When I press sync( next to cc edit and play) the led doesn't light up. It displays bpm ...ect( like edit does when pressed).Did something get reset?If so how do I remedy this?Everything  else on the mb6582 wilba operates just fine thanks for any insight on this matter ....----scottsober 7-12-2013