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  1. Sync problems: Tempest & MPC5000

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to test it, since I have sold my Midibox. 
  2. Unquantized recording + extra humanization

    Yes exactly. Or played in melodies or bassline by an external keyboard. I really like the Midibox so far but what I miss is the human touch: everything is either hardquantized or swinged by a groove-template. I love me some slopiness sometimes and it would be great to have control over micro-timing per step, be it drums or notes or chords. So we can make our own unique grooves by hand.. Different everytime for every played in stuff. I'm on holidays now so haven't tried out the suggestions above yet. But a dream would be to record a full 256 step pattern by keyboard unquantized and edited later afterwards tweaking the micro-timings to perfect. The icing on the cake then would be an option at the Humanization FX to randomise these microtimings. Wow! <3 
  3. Sync problems: Tempest & MPC5000

    Wow! Awesome. Many many thanks. Leaving for holidays at the moment, but will test out as soon as I get home. Great!
  4. Unquantized recording + extra humanization

    Thanks for chiming in - we are def on the same wave here :-). Your idea sounds great, really hope this will be implemented some day. Making the machines more human <3
  5. Unquantized recording + extra humanization

    Hi thanks for replying! I'm gonna check it out :-) Of course this would require a lot of thinking and scrolling through pages with a short melody, but hey it's a start!  Still would be awesome to have control of micro-timing by selecting a step and nudging it a little bit, like the groove-templates do! :-) Thanks again for taking the time to read and respond.  Cheers, Jørgen :-)
  6. Hello!  Really digging deeper and deeper into the MBSQ. Loving it so far! I come from a band background and am doing a lot of electronic livesets at the moment where 'the human touch' is essential. I haven't figured a way out for my problem/option/(request?) and couldn't find anything on the forum here.. So here goes: It would be great to be able to select a note and move it a little to the left or right - timing-wise - with the for example fast-forward or backward buttons. Like in the newer Elektron stuff where you can select a note and adjust the micro-timing by moving it a few ticks forward and backwards. I notice that with my Tempest this has drastic results in making it feel more human :-) A great addition to this feature would be an added parameter at the humanization section which randomly varies the 'ticks/micro-timing'!  Please excuse me if this is already available. I'm still absorbing the manual and this might just passed my brain (or my brain was full after nights of reading and practicing).
  7. Sync problems: Tempest & MPC5000

    Same here! :-)
  8. Sync problems: Tempest & MPC5000

    That sounds great! Many thanks! The way I solved this now is making the MPC5000 the master, clocking the Tempest and the Midibox. The Midibox then is the master of my synths. Pretty tight now, but rather have the Midibox be master of them all :-)  Thanks again!
  9. Sync problems: Tempest & MPC5000

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to answer me. Unfortunately this doesn't solve it (old topic, Tempest now has fully functional USB+midi etc). The thing is is that I should be able to delay the output of one of the output-channels to get them tight. Like let's say: everything automatic (0) and the Tempest (-.2) so that it will be in sync. Is there a way? I haven't found an option like that. Someone adviced to buy a e-mr multiclock, so you can individually sync every piece of hardware by hand, but me thinks: the Midibox Seq V4 should be able to do this too right? Thanks again!
  10. Hello all! I didn't know where to post this, looked through all the topics. Please move or advice if not right :) I'm getting nearly completed with my all hardware setup. The Midibox really was the missing link, linking it all together and sequencing the hell out of everything (especially my PerFourmer and JD990).. anyways, there seems to be a problem, although not sure if this is problem or just reality/the-real-life/not-fantasy.  Here I am sending out clock from the Midibox SEQ V4 to both the Tempest and MPC5000 (IIC2 & IIC3). The sync should be tight, but it just isn't. I turn on the click of the Tempest and the MPC5000 and they don't match up.. One is kinda late. Anyone have a positive experience doing this? Or is it normal that some hardware is later than others? It should be tight right due to the Midibox? Thanks a lot in advance!