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Midibox Sequencer & Midibox SID (Synth + Filters) Demo - Acid Music


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Please don't distribute this, remix it or anything else like that. It is not public domain.

This is a jam I had with the Midibox SID synth using only 1 channel of the SID V1.7c. The notes and some of the CC data were generated by the Midibox Sequencer V3.2. The highpass and lowpass filters are using the SID also on other channels. This also shows use of the sync feature as the SID is synchronised with the TR-606 drum machine. After the recording some small reverse edits were made and a bit of EQ/Compression was added. Excuse the large amount of noise, the TR-606 makes a lot and so do the filter inputs its going into on the SID!

http://dcerecords.dnsalias.com/MP3/DCE Records - Midibox Seqencer SID Filters Sync demo.mp3

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Its pretty awesome to be able to use mostly midibox gear and be able to create music while driving classic drum machines, do some external gear filtering etc... Only had to use the pc for recording and a few little edits. Nearly meeting my goal of not having the computer involved at all! Anyone planning on making a midibox driven recording device one day? To SD cards or somthing?? I can dream  ;D

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