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[Liveact] Technomiliz-2008-11-21, Hardware-2-mann-Liveact


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TECHNOMILIZ (phatline & elektroklon) proudly presents  ;)


Length: ca 0:50h...should be longer...but the DAW is fuxxckt up.......

BPM: 140

Datei: MP3@320Kbs 48KHz 109MB @ Highspeed Host

Style: Techno, Trance, Elektro..........our 4th Livact-jam together....I like it!

Hardwareliveact Equipment:

Melodie Sequencer & DAW: Ableton Live 7

Drum Sequencer: Korg Electribe ER1 MKII (and drum sounds...)

SAW-Lead: Clavia Nord Rack2

Pad: Roland JP8080

Poly-Bass: 2x Waldorf Pulse

Kick: Jomox MBase 01

Perkussion: Jomox Airbase 99 - controlled from Behringer BCR2000 - SUB-mixed via Behringer RX1602

DAW-Controller: Behringer BCR2000

Soundcard: 1x Presonus Firepod

bad photo of my equipment


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I know I know  :D ... I am Waiting on Wilbas Bulk

But, the seq v3.3 dont support (and will not in future---tk-words!) midi file inport.... so I cant use my whole midi-music-liveact (5years... a big liveact with thousends of midifiles)

When I using the SEQ v3.3.....I also need a DAW---to mix the Instruments perfectly... Livemixers with compressors Brickwallfilter, chanalstrips delays reverbs...sidechainfilters....are too big for my car  :(

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A few multi fx in a rack with a mixer should do the trick, it'll be small enough to sit in a spare seat :)

Maybe hang out for seq v4 for midi file import, but of course you can always record them into the seq as needed ... I don't know how people do live PAs with computers, bloody things are as stable as me with a keg of beer inside. Maybe I just push them too hard...

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in the future, (octocores  8) ) , I will build a Desktop PC into my Music rack... with no harddisks, but with a SD Disk....and a lighweight cpu-cooler, and a shock resorber for the rest of the transport shocks....

It will be stable- mechanicly....

But in this moment it is also softwarestable.... we have liveactet this friday, with my overclockt deskop pcs....It crashed all the time (no wonder...  ;) ...)...

But with my Fujitsu siemens dualcore laptop.... we have liveactet 4 ours.... and ours and ours...it is not so unstable... My Clavia nord rack...hang more....every our I must press the panic button there  8)

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