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midibox cv question

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Anybody, what configuration of the midibox cv could give me 8 cv and 8 gate outs?

I've noticed that the AOUT have only 2 gate outs, AOUT_NG doesn't have any?

Am I wrong? Confusing thing is that the midibox description says that there are 8 gate outs:

Feature list:

    * requires CORE and AOUT or AOUT_LC or AOUT_NG module

    * up to 8 CV outputs with 12 bit resolution

    * 8 gate outputs


So, what configaration contains 8 gate outs as well as 8 cv's ?


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See README.txt

   o setup_j5_enabled.hex    (similar like setup_default, but MBHP_CORE::J5 enabled for 8 gate outputs)[/code]

And from the Webpage

Gate Outputs: if a MBHP_AOUT module is used, two gate outputs are provided by the module itself, they are assigned to CV1 and CV2. The remaining outputs are available directly at the J5 socket of the core module. This is the only option for the MBHP_AOUT_LC and MBHP_AOUT_NG module (there is no disadvantage!).

Note that the gate outputs at J5 are not enabled by default. This is to reduce the risk that somebody doesn't read the documentation and uploads the firmware on a MIDIbox64 (or similar), where J5 is used as pot input. A short circuit would happen which could destroy the port drivers.

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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