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Here are two songs of a little bit chaotic DnB (at least I guess it's DnB) Quartett.

The songs are of course a bit imperfect (I couldn't really decide which notes to play ;)) , and in the song "Sylvester Stallone" the singer couldn't really decide in which mic to sing (one was hooked up to our 4-channel-Recorder, and the other one was hooked up to the PA ;D ) so it sounds a bit weird.

But it was a really funny session  :)

enjoy  :)

edit: my sustain-pedal was also jamming.  that little sucker  ;)

edit2: topic name changed

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@ 2-ton-lied: name ist programm... deshalb kann auch fast nix gegen die ein (zwei) tönigkeit sagen  :P

hörs jetzt mit meinen headphones. also net auf den studio monitoren.... aber  nachdem ich die ganz gut kenn...--> ganze muss unbedingt besser abgemischt werden, es ist nicht fett, es gibt ja kicks und es gibt an tiefen streicher dort an den einzelkanälen entsprechend equien! tiefer streicher bei 50Hz anheben, kick... die sollten dann auch in den tiefen mehr present sein... das horcht sich an als hättst bei 80Hz bei der summe eine locut gemacht.----auch wenn das ganze ein bisserl "klassisch" klingt... auch klassik haut rein  :D

Ajo wären die Streicher Synhts, würd ich mit dem filter ein biserl spielen, die hohen frequenzen ein ganz kleines biserl auto-pannen usw...

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das horcht sich an als hättst bei 80Hz bei der summe eine locut gemacht.

hmm... now as you say it... yes... The Lo-cut-switch was accidentally on  ;)

some words to the "Band" and the Recording stuff:

We're not really planning and arranging songs. Usually I come up with a Synth-/Piano-Pattern and then there's our drummer and the E-bassist and we just jam along. Sometimes there's also a singer.

Bass, Singer and Me are going into a Behringer Eurorack MX1602 which is connected to a McCrypt power amplifier and some pretty old Dynacord boxes. I have to say that I don't know who has bought the power amplyfier and the Loudspeakers. The room we're playing in belongs to noone, everyone can play there.

The Recording is done with a Edirol R-44 I've won once. The drums are recorded with some cheapo Shure Mic, Bass and Myself are routed to the 2 Aux-Busses, which then go to the R-44, and as the mixer has only 2 Aux-Busses, the singer has to sing into 2 Mics when he wants to be heard on PA and on the Recording  :D .

As you can see, it's pretty chaotic. But it works and it is a lot of fun.

As I have to unplug, pack, carry, unpack, replug, unplug, pack, carry, unpack and replug all my equipment when we're practicing, I really only take some kind of "minimal-setup" with me.

That includes my mixer, the R-44, a Roland SH-201 and a Roland U-220 for piano- and string-samples and stuff like that.

So Auto-panning of some high-freq-strings is not really doable  ;)

After the sessions I just open the files in Audacity, mix them roughly and upload them.

Thank you for your tips. Next time I'll take care of the Lo-cut switch and play around with the EQs a bit.  :)


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