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[acidtekkno] Phatline-UAFB


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UAFB is for: Urlaub aufn Bauernhof (holyday on the farm)

where you dont have holyday, where you have to "roboti robotiy"  :P

this track is a tekkno track @ 160BPM, and it made "snapshot" of my feeling of brain body soul... after a long tekkno night  ;) (bam bam bam bam bam bam)


technical data:

2x waldorf plus, in polyphone relationship, on the Audio in there is one single out from the Nord rack wired -VA meets Analog filter and VCA  8)

1x nord rack single out goes in the Korg electribe Rythm MKII, and is there "audio on off" triggert

2x nord rack single outs goes directly in the DAW-ableton live, which acts as mixer and sequencer

1x BCR2000 to controll the Jomox Airbase which brings the well known oldshool 909 drums, and it also controll the jomox mbase which acts as a kick

1x BCR2000 controlls Ableton Live

1x Midibox multimaster clock, sync Ableton with the Korg Electribe which acts as -rythm sequencer-

2x presonus firepod bring all the hardware stuff into the daw, and back to the expensive adam midfield monitor speakers and subwoofer.

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