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Easy FM with ISA Soundblaster, which one has got the OPL 3?

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before I want to build a Midibox FM I want to use the easy way to get FM with an old PC with ISA Slot. So I´m watching out for a Soundblaster which have the Chip onboard, but I don´t find an Overview which Model has got the OPL 2 or 3.

Is every Soundblaster 16 ok? There are a lot of different types and I´m not sure which one I should buy.

Also does anybody know what is the best way to intergate it in my Cubase Setup? Think I use the JXSynth Lib and MidiOX but thats a little bit uncomfortable. Best Way would be to use a VST Plugin with an Editor Surface but I think theres none.

Thank you 

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