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BrennerNG weird error reports

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hi all

Im using BrennerNG44 to burn pic16f48a.

Using Brenner, I get these results:-

PIC16F84 in database:

  Vpp : 13V  (12 .. 14V)

CP-Blocksize : 0800

Panelgröße : 0000

HEX-file-name : picF84a_test.HEX

-- HEX-file loaded

-- 1 k FLASH needed

-- 0 Byte EEPROM needed

-- HEX-file contains Config-data

Chip erased

Start to program Flash

##-->7 errors in PROGRAM      ************* note

Start to program ID

-- no ID to burn

-- ID o.k.

Start write Configuration

##-->1 errors in Config    ************* note

-- finished

config used: 


include used: "P16F84A.INC"

** Ref notes:

Does anyone know why Brenner detects program errors and config error when MPLAB asm says all is fine?

Cheers everyone

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I was having the same problem trying to program a 16f84a.....

I was getting about 22 errors in program and one error in config....fortunately, I already knew that the code wasn't the problem, cause I've used it before and successfuly burned the pic...

It turned out to be a hardware problem....I had a faulty transistor(bc337) that was not shutting Vpp off, so, no matter what code I would use, I would allways get the same errors!

here is a link to the thread that described this symptoms,14111.0.html

after replacing the transistor everything went perfectly!

So my advice is:

-Make sure that you're passing all hardware tests;

-In order to help you debug your burner module follow this thread:,14114.0.html

Good luck!

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thanks for the reply analogue_mo

stupid as it might sound, i had not provided power and the leds seemed to say all was well, but thanks anyway mate.

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