MIDI optical sensor strip with CORE_STM32

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I've also thought about the similar project.

What do you think, using CORE_STM32, how long does it take to scan e.g. 120 keys? Will scan rate be sufficient to determine correct velocity?

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Now it's interesting to know, how fast can LPC module scans one (or two) fully stuffed AINSER64 ?

I've only found this info about old PIC based core: 12.8mS and more with Dynamic Priority handler ™ which scans the last two changed AIN pins more often than the others.

For the project described above Dynamic Priority handler ™ would be useful for ~10 last changed AINSER pins (if scan rate is more then 0.2uS-0.5uS) in order to determine note velocity more precisely and send polyphonic aftertouch.

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