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old DOS OPL Tracker and MIDI

Guest moritz

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is anybody out here who knows something about old DOS Tracker for the OPL 3(or 2 or 1) Chip on i.e. Aztech Soundgalaxy.

My problem is to find such a tracker which is able to be synced by a midi clock or could send such an clock ???


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As I remember, there was possibility to control 'Ed Lib tracker' by midi keyboard connected thru mpu401.

In this case it is probably possible to use soundcards joystick port as a midi interface and play adlib sounds from Cubase or other sequencer.

I don't remember if it was possible to use arpagios or other more complicated sounds ? I have to try it next week  ;D

Here is a place, when You can find some old FM Trackers :


(I do not know if any of them works with midi - let us know if You find one.

BTW. It could be quite interesting to build synth module (like SID BOX) with OPL chip. With additional effects / filters it could generate interesting polyphonic sounds.



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