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1000 outputs for cimo


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You thought you got rid of me! Not so easy boys...

So today I woke up and decided I want to drive 1000 1W bright leds, what do you think ? It would be digital On/Off triggering and my software platform of choice would be http://vvvv.org . Seems like a huge task, and I d probably go for some already built hardware driver, any idea? How do you see otherwise the idea of building a 1000 digital outputs with MIDIBox ? Anybody tried something similar?

So how s everybody doing ?

Cheers from Tenerife!


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Hi Cimo! :)

Software-wise it wouldn't be so much effort to program a small application which allows to control 16 8x8 LED matrices (=1024 LEDs) which can be controlled via MIDI, USB-MIDI, OSC (I can program a quicky app if you want)

But for 1W LEDs you will need source, but also sink drivers, otherwise the 74HC595 will be overloaded.

And you will need a strong PSU! ;)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Hola Jefe!

tx for the offer, at the moment what "worries" me is what s the best solution for the final stage hardware wise, 1000 2W drivers is a lot of components.. I would probably go for some already built hardware if the price is reasonable..

it s not a problem for 16x 8x8 led matrices but it could be for the final stage.. dunno..


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so I think that if the projects gets funded i ll use MIDIBox platform linked to vvvv with OSC/MIDI, I ve reduced the number of total outputs (for mental sanity purposes) to 352, each will drive a final stage of 48v at 20W, I know that makes a total of 147 Amperes, I am planning to buy half a dozen of Power supplies so that I can split the lines evenly.

Lights: I d go for Halogen 12v light (group of 4 serially connected) but that fraction of second it takes to get to full brightness and back to off is a serious bummer, LEDs would be better but I need something that can spread the light rather evenly around.

For the final stage I am probably going to re-use an already working system I used a couple of years ago: 2n3055 and a basic transistor to trigger the final stage. Is it possible to use a matrix system for the final stage too, or am I supposed to use one stage for each output?

About modulating the power of the output will I be able to do it with PWM avoiding using Analog OutPuts?



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