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help needed with button handling


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I'm building a MB64 and would really apprechiate some help with the button handling

I trying to get the led's for "onOnly" buttons to stay on until the next button in that shift reg. is pushed

I use this code in the mb64_buttons.inc file:

;; (button value stored in TMP1)


        ;; when on: send button value defined in dump 

        ;; when off: send nothing 

        BRA_IFSET TMP1, 0, ACCESS, MB64_BUTTON_NotifyChangeEnd 

        ;; turn off SR1 8 LEDs 


    setf MB64_BUTTON_VALUES_SR0+0


    setf MB64_BUTTON_VALUES_SR0+1 

        ;; save status of button 

        rcall   MB64_BUTTON_Hlp_SaveStat 

        rgoto   MB64_BUTTON_Send

this works in a way, but it affects the other buttons as well

see video

I need help to have the first 8 led's only light the last pressed og theese 8,

the next 3 toggle, and the last 4 only light the last pressed of theese 4

I have posted this the wrong place earlier, hope this is the right one

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