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  1. MBSEQ V4 build with MIDI, CV and DIGITAL OUT

    Very nice!
  2. Congratulations! \o/ Very cool gadget. Looks super nice and "blingy"
  3. Record replacing notes...what did I do?

    I think this will fix my problem from here  http://midibox.org/forums/topic/20578-jam-mode-record-cc-filter-sweeps/ Is it possible to get this fix in an uncompiled version, or is it only in this precompiled version in the link? Cheers, Hal
  4. [WTB] OPL3 module PCB

    Hi, Does anybody have an OPL3 module PCB they want to sell me ? If you have chips with it, or it's already populated I am also interested Cheers, Hal  
  5. Low sound level sammichFM

    Thanks for the suggestion. I removed the 12 resistors for the voltage dividers, and replaced R52,53,54,55 with jumpers. Now it's louder, same level as my MBFM with your mod. I do notice some distortion with all 4 operators on full volume though, so nILS design make sense and is probably "cleaner". I guess I just got used to the sound and level of my MBFM. At least my patches now sound the same :) Is this maybe why the original design has amplification in two stages with the 3 TL074, to prevent the clipping and still get a high output level?       
  6. it sounds to me that you are into making electronic music, not electronics this place is mostly for those that want to do both I don't think anybody here do this to save time or money. For many of us MIDIbox is a hobby / passion / obsession ;) If you need a MIDI controller, Novation makes one for every need If you want a similar sequencer, Sequentix Cirklon seems like "the second best in class"  
  7. Low sound level sammichFM

    In this post by @Sauraen, @nILS explains the op-amp circuit schematic on the sammichFM  He used a voltage divider to lower the signal to prevent clipping. I don't have that in the 5V mod on the MBFM. I haven't noticed any clipping, but I haven't really listen for it either. Maybe it's there, and I just haven't heard it. Other people also comment on the sammichFM being quiet, but it sounds like it is a conscious decision.   Has anybody compared the sammichFM and the original MBFM (TL074  +/- 12V op-amps)? Output level and clipping? Should I add a voltage divider to the 5V mod? How can I measure the potential clipping?  Can the sammichFM be modified to sound louder? Change resistor values in the voltage divider, or remove it? Change op-amp? What are the pros and cons of the two op-amps? Differences?  MPC6400 op-amp http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/21733j.pdf OPA4348 http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/opa2348.pdf   Cheers, Hal   
  8. Switch between sessions

    SEQ V4 (STM32F4) 092 I have been trying out different ways to play live, after getting some ideas here on the forum. For the way I have stuff set up, it works best for me to have each "song" as a session. I have tested for a while now with different tempos and songs, and it seems to me that I can switch between sessions with the sequencer running without any delay. It changes sessions instantly when I press the new one, and I can jump back and forth between sessions and it stays in sync. Is it designed to be able to do this? Are there any limitations in what the session can contain of info? Are there any problems with doing it like this, like memory or crash? Cheers, Hal
  9. Low sound level sammichFM

    I have a MBFM and a sammichFM. I have built the MBFM with a OPL3 module that I have modified with a 5V option I have described here http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=opl3_module_modified It uses a MCP6400 op-amp http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/21733j.pdf Lately I have been using my sammichFM, and that sounds much quieter. The sammichFM uses these op-amps OPA4348 http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/opa2348.pdf Attached is an image of a recording with the MBFM on the top and the sammichFM on the bottom. Same note, velocity and patch.   Can anyone see a reason why the sammichFM is so much quieter? Are the op-amps that different? Cheers Hal
  10. How do You play?

    @Hawkeye Thanks :) It's actually 8 tiny 7-segment display modules. It's controlled by an MAX 7221 and an Arduino (ssshh, don't tell anyone else on the forum) the keypad matrix is scanned by the same "microcontroller". It's not documented anywhere no. It has a MIDI In circuit, and the code just pass it on to the WAV trigger. The key presses send Note On and Program Changes. 
  11. How do You play?

    @Antichambre Ha ha :) No I will reserve the last space. Don't worry, no hurry.   
  12. How do You play?

    I wouldn't describe your live jams as limited either @Hawkeye  Your "cockpit "and your music is always inspiring  Cheers,  Hal
  13. How do You play?

    Thanks guys for sharing your techniques. I guess there is many ways to play the MB SEQ :) I wasn't aware or the Pattern Remix Feature, and after a quick glance, it looks like something that could work for me. Using Phrase mode the way you suggest also looks like it could work. I guess I just need to try it out and work out a way. @u-link I am just cooking some straight 4TTF Techno-ish stuff, nothing fancy ;) The Tsunami sounds great. I have made a sample player module with his former WAV Trigger. It only has a stereo channel, but I pan the samples and use it as a 2x mono sample player. Looks like this:    I've reused the keypad and display from an old calculator (like the one to the right), added a micro-controller and a MIDI circuit and the WAV trigger.   But back to the topic, others on the forum please share your techniques as well
  14. How do You play?

    Hi, Could you please share how You use your MB SEQ to play your "songs" I have had my sequencer for a little while, but I have only used it one way that seemed easy and intuitive at the time I started using it. I treat each Session as a "song" and have each Track mapped the same way in all Sessions. Each Track is dedicated to a specific synth-, drum- or sound module. This setup works great for playing one "song" at a time, and for creating and recording one "song", but I suspect it's not the best way to play a live set.   I have tried to understand how Patterns, Songs and Phrase works, but I don't think I get it totally, or how I would use it. I guess what I was hoping for was something like a Scene in Ableton Live Clip View, where you can jump to the next line/scene of MIDI sequences with the push of a button, and it is synced. Is it possible to treat a Session like a scene, and jump to a new Session synced to the beat and measure?   How do you guys play a live set with several "songs" ? Cheers Hal  
  15. Hi, Since I joined this community in 2010 I have built and still use: MB SID V2 Stereo (x3) MB NG MB 64 MB CV V2 MB FM MB GM5 (x3) MB TIA MB sammichSID (x2) MB sammichFM MB SEQ V4 I have never written, nor can I write, a line in Assembly or C I have only edited files in a text editor, compiled and uploaded. Knowing how to code would probably give me more options, but is definitely not necessary to build and enjoy these devices. Yes there is a lot of information, but it's all there, and a big group of friendly and helpful people on the forum directs, encourages and debugs with you. Start with something easy / manageable and go from there. Cheers, Hal