Let`s go for my first midibox DIY - BLM

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I just saw the livid pads. yes it seems surface mount leds would be needed.

shouldn't be too hard in eagle to redesign the pcb to connect up the leds.

i do not know the terminology but there should be a download for the pcb

contact footprint for the pad. im sure i downloaded this a while ago.

import into eagle then draw traces on the bottom layer and via them up into the middle

on the button ( on the top layer)where you want the leds to be.

I was playing around with this a few weeks ago, drawing traces and managed to save a custom part so it can be done.

when i get around to buying a few pads spacers i shall give it a go,

I would then print a (home made) pcb and use an arduino to connect to max msp via serial.

if you get stuck on eagle give me a shout. there is a part 2 of the video above also.


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A long time later... i am not able to find SMD led that can provide 2000mcd (that what the monome use, enough for exterior use) diffused led.


It is not dead from my side, it is in a little part in my head...

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