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6581 Rev1 PCB.


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Sorry for the double post, but this part of the forum gets some traffic and maybe someone w/ the answer reads this section but not the user project section....

I've had a rev 1 MB-6582 pcb and parts sitting around for a long time. I finally decided to build it and read the wiki, and at the bottom of the base PCB page says "revision 1 errors" and has links that don't work anymore.

What are the rev. 1 errors?

I'm getting to soldering the final components and don't want to cook any chips when I turn it on, if there are issues w/ the PCB.

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Can you put a link to the page you are referring to? I don't seem to find the page you are quoting, maybe it is obsolete?

I believe its this page: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=wilba_mb_6582_base_pcb_construction_guide&s[]=revision&s[]=1

It mentions that rev 1 pcb bought directly from Wilba are missing tracks. The links on the bottom are from the old forum software. So they don't work anymore.

It seems older posts are still available. But you can only manually browse them, the search option won't find them. I can't seem to find the specific ones mentioned on the above wiki page though.

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Yeah, I've tried searching, and couldn't figure out why I got no results for anything having to do w/ rev1 or "wilba pcb" etc... How to I manually browse back to them? U know if htere's a way to get google to search the archives?

I'll try a PM, too.. I looked at Wilba's profile a few days ago and it had been a while since his last login, though.

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