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  1. Standalone_TPD.jpeg

    Beautiful - congratulations!
  2. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Yes, and that's already bad enough, so why open it up for even more dust to enter?
  3. midiphy SEQ v4+

    I'd rather not "countersink" them - I always feel better without dust getting inside the enclosure.
  4. New seq4 ready!

    Thanks for feedback, so something is wrong on my end... Edit: Yes, Safari does the trick. Nice SEQ by the way!
  5. New seq4 ready!

    Well this is what I see in my browser (Firefox Quantum 60.0.2 on MacOS) - so do others around here see any pictures??
  6. External CC control - PROBLEM SOLVED

    Great that you've figured it out (and that you report here!)
  7. pcbs and components for sale

    Where are you located?
  8. New Midi motherboard for Fatar SL 880

    Check the repository, there is a MIDIbox solution for this from which you can take some code inspiration!
  9. MBSEQ V4 build with MIDI, CV and DIGITAL OUT

    Congratulations, the unit is looking very nice indeed!
  10. @tedysuwarnady I hate being the guy, but you are seriously misbehaving. You are continuously ignoring all the suggestions you get. This is tragic because answering them would help to determine what is wrong with your unit. It seems like you don't even care about help. Also, please stop asking for schematics and board files in every other of your posts.  
  11. Describe the MIDI Router of your dream?!

    64 input ports and 64 output ports, scalable 8 mergers, freely configurable a panic button zero latency for the router configuration via software interface ("setup") handling via a dedicated hardware interface (remote control) that can be placed anywhere, e.g. on the mixing desk (like a Lexicon LARC) ports can be given a name, and these names are displayed in the user interface setups can be stored and recalled via MIDI, and there is a program change table like in some older Yamaha synths activity display showing in-, out- and merger activity modular approach, so that I don't have to pay for all the IOs when I only need 32 because I'm Hawkeye distributed, as in "I have a number of racks with equipment, and these are located all around my studio, but I want to keep my MIDI cables short with only one 'multicore' going to the central matrix from each rack" obviously DIY, but preferably there is someone who has done all the hard work, and PCBs are made available affordable The v2 of this will feature all of the above .
  12. can anyone burn a 16F88 for me?

    Sure, drop me a PM for details. Best from Köln, ilmenator
  13. Sammich SID MIDI Keyboard problems

    We have had problems reported here on the forum when using 3,3V based MIDI gear trying to send data to certain 5V operating MIDI receivers. Maybe that is a path for further inquiry?
  14. Where is Pic 16f88 hex file

    There weren't a lot of projects on the 16F88, so I assume you are refering to the MIDI merger project? This is located here.
  15. MBSEQ V4 config check: TPD and line drivers

    Thanks for your update!