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  1. For sale, because of move abroad, i am unable to finish this: MB6582, with the PT10 case, machined panels, window, Meanwell RT60 PSU, PCB and SIDs. PSU part is not working yet but has a switcher installed and 8 x 8580 - 400 Euro Original Ambika Mainboard + 6 SMR Filter boards (new and unused) -> 140 Euro (new 182 Euro) Build Gm5x5x5 board - 30 Euro Unbuild GM5x5x5 PCB + IC - 25 Euro Build GM5 in box - 15 Euro GM5 PCB + IC - 10 Euro (3 pieces available) STM32F4 + Mainboard and MIDI IO (new) - 30 Euro Seq 4 Lite kit : L
  2. Because of a upcoming move to another country (far, far away) i will have to say goodbye to some projects i have lying around: 9090 Full (red) PCB kit with (gaetano) rare parts kit (http://www.9090project.co.uk/) Yocto 808 PCB with the parts needed from e-licktronic (switches and pots), toriod transformer and the awesome metal case (http://www.e-licktronic.com/en/content/25-yocto-tr808-clone-tr-808). OakleySound TM3030 fully build pcb, except for all the transistors, i have put quality sockets in these positions (http://www.oakleysound.com/tm3030.htm) Make me
  3. The fan is just a generic 40mm fan something like this: https://www.reichelt.de/?ACTION=3;ARTICLE=43677 But beware if you use it you need to decouple the powerline of the fan otherwise the motor will cause noise on the output. If i am not mistaken the feedback pots are: RV122F-20-15F-B100K
  4. For now i don't see the link to a real Midibox project. Even seems a bit commercial to me. So moving to Design Concepts.
  5. @pomics; the function Report Post is for reporting inappropriate post like spam to the boards admins. It's not a Private Message. I have removed your reports.
  6. I have used the driver with both Windows 8/8.1 and 10 without any problems.
  7. Ok, i guess you are right. I checked out the gerber files and ST did even include the silkscreen with their brand name (the last part seems kind of silly to me). Anyway i totally agree with you get it at a reputable source like: Mouser, Farnell, Future, Watterot and such.
  8. Don't you mean counterfeit Discovery boards? It would be good to link the seller in this thread so maybe people don't make the same mistake. How much money did you try to save?
  9. What kind of PSU are you using? what are the specs (voltage/amps)?
  10. Just a little comment about the transformer. I guess you are located in the US. So you could replace it with a transformer which is suited for 115V. This would have been a cheaper option, but i guess that ship has sailed. Second problem i see is that the transformer has two secondaries, but only one is used. This is not good. My suggestion would be to fix this by doing this: Not sure if there are any fuses (i cannot see the mains connector) but if you want to make it safe(!) make sure the main side included a fuse.
  11. There is no need for screaming e.g. topic title in caps. Please make sure next time to think about this. Also your request is not related to a Midibox User Project. So i have moved it. If you google 303 + overdrive, the first hit will give you a good comparison. Then the only job left for you is then to find a diy clone for this.
  12. The schema and/or board files are not available. I think the main reason is to prevent commercial use. So you can stop searching
  13. As you said it's unrelated to Midibox (FM) so i moved the topic to Misc.
  14. Well common for 'old' houses anyway. New houses have earth connection in all rooms.
  15. You can order : STM32F407G-DISC from mouser. This is the new part number.
  16. Actually the link should be: http://midibox.org/forums/topic/13137-midibox-seq-v4-release-feedback/?do=findComment&comment=174302 What mail/browser are you using? I cannot reproduce from gmail on IOS/Android and Windows.
  17. http://ucapps.de/mios32_download.html
  18. It's a straight connection. So just make sure that you have Pin 1 (red wire) coming from the Core on J8 to CS J1 go to Vs.
  19. To get some things clear: Do you provide power through USB or J2? What Port are you using to connect the DOGM lcd? The MBHP_CORE_STM32 which is mentioned in the pdf is not the same as the MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 you are using.
  20. Just to summarize: Old board Part number: STM32F4DISCOVERY New board Part number: STM32F407G-DISC
  21. As said in the other topic, there is no need for switching to Nucleo. The STM32F4DISCOVERYDiscovery kit with STM32F407VG MCU is active and will be continued. ST just decided to replace the STM32F407VE with the VG version. Availibilty may seem a bit sketchy now, but that's all due to the switch. Old board Part number: STM32F4DISCOVERY New board Part number: STM32F407G-DISC1
  22. I have 3030 myself. Still pondering if i should rack it as is or i should include a sequencer.
  23. The topic subject is a bit confusing: shouldn't it say something like: 3,5 jacks for midi connections
  24. Maybe the SEQ4 Lite is an option?
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