Midibox LC modification

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i'm planning to build a midibox LC (to control a fireface UFX with mackie control protocol)

But i would like to :

- replace the motofaders with Encoders+Ledbars (my main question)

- don't mount the majority of buttons (this should be no problem with the code)

so the controller can be smaller

Is it possible by doing small changes to the original firmware code ? could someone give me some hints ?



edit :

:unsure: oups....i missed the sticky post about the LC saying

"OPTIONAL: 8 motorfaders (but not necessary at all when you use the split mode in order to swap the purpose of encoders and faders)"

So the answer to my question would be to use the split mode ? I'm going to look at this, sorry...

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Yes, Split Mode will do the trick!

(it's supported by the DAW)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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