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old fart wants to program old PIC16F877 with ye olde Midibox plus


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Hi forum, I cannot find anywhere to put this topic (apart from the obvious) so please excuse.

I have lots of chips: PIC16F877. mmmm m, I love these little chippy chappies.

I have the hex file for Midibox plus (16 pots).

Question: what must the CONFIG header (fuses) be set to in my programmer?

It being a hex file I don't know what the CONFIG should be, apart from high speed crystal.

I know its an old chip, I know Midibox plus is not MIOS based, I know everyones into big-ram chips,

but all I need is to burn the darn thing with the darn hex file.

If anyone can advise I would certainly appreciate their input.

best regards to all

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here are the fuse settings:


They are also part of the .hex file.

This means that some programmers automatically will get the correct settings if they extract the information from the .hex file

Best Regards, Thorsten.


Thank you very much for that info Thorsten. I certainly appreciate it.

In passing (if you happen to have a spare moment) I was wondering:

does the Midi merger function (non-Mios software such as old midibox 64 etc) default to merger ON or OFF?

very best regards to you.

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