NG and AINSER64. Next steps?

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Ok. Thanks to TK, I've got everything running. My core shows up in MIOS Studio, uploading .hex files works, encoders on my DIN's transmit, and my AINSER64 looks like it's working when I upload the MIDIO128 project (albeit, missing a few pots I've not attached yet).


However, when I upload the NG project, my little green LED doesn't light up at all, and nothing happens when I spin any of the pots, so it doesn't look like the AINSER64 board is being recognized. Do I need to do some programming at this point? Totally cool to dive into this, but I wanted to make sure I'm not missing something, like, the NG should see the AINSER64 board,  but I've foobared it somehow.


Any hints are much appreciated... thx!

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