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idea for a case ..

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hello everybody ,


i search for a long time  a good solution for the seq case or anything else .


i want a rectangular one , not like the Heidenreich one because of the shape and the price .


so my solution is to use 4 profiles  like the ones you can find at the 8 page of this catalog ..




different conbinations are possible with GB1 and GB9 both or GB9 alone.


side panels can be alu or wood .


square nuts is used with GB9 .


tilt foot (AF1) there



this is just information topic , any remarks are welcome .

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hello ilmenator ,


i ordered last year and this was the prices ...

minimum order 25e without taxes ,


for one meter :

GB1   4,55 /wt

GB9   4,81 /wt


if i remember the shipping is not so cheap ( depends if you want short or 2 meter long )and they want bank transfert .

they can cut as your size , maybe they charge a bit .


i don't know about the price with schaeffer panels because i don't want to work with them anymore .

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That's indeed an interesting price range!

As far as I can see, these profiles are designed for 2mm strong aluminium panels. I think it could be an idea to actually use aluminium for the bottom and front, and have the top and back panel laser cut. I have access to a small manual milling machine, so I could still use 3mm acrylic and just mill a groove from behind along the long sides so that the panel fits into the profile.

But then, doing the whole case in acrylic is probably as esthetically pleasing and sturdy as using these profiles...

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i planned use 3mm for top and bottom and 2mm for front and back ...with same technique


maybe they have the profiles in black ...


the sides could be done with epoxy .


my electronic cnc is broken so i'll try in about 3 weeks , time to fix it .

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are you planning on using the extrusion for the left and right sides, or for the front and back?


either would be possible.  it would seem more 'natural' to use the extrusion for the front and rear edge, and then make wooden (or metal) ends (for the right and left) but that would mean machining the profile itself for the i/o at the rear.


if you used the extrusion for the right and left, then it would be much simpler to cut the front and rear, and cut the i/o into the rear as per normal.  Im just not sure it would look as classy as with the wooden sides.

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