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Clock question (Modification of) 16F88 based MidiMerger?


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Hi TK,


I have a lot of GrooveBoxes (Roland MCs, Electribes, Seq4L, MidiREX) and on most devices there is the same problem in connecting with a master clock device while receiving notes from other devices.


So i need mergers.

But i want to merge all signals EXCEPT clock signals (#FA, #FB, #FC, #F8).

And sometimes I like to split MIDI IN into a MIDI OUT(1) containing all data except clock signal  and a second MIDI OUT(2) which only takes the clock signals.

I could do it with a big machine, but i prefer little boxes (more useful if only taking a few devices to a session).


So i struggled over your very easy to build MIDI Merger based on 16F88.

I'm going to build that on stripboard anyway after my coming vaccation, but few questiones occure now:


How does it handle incomming clock signals from both inputs? (I have no plan on programming PICs - so i can't follow the code by now - this might change in future :rolleyes:   )

Are Clock signals only taken from IN 1 or first sending clock is the one who can send?


Is it easy to add a second MIDI-Out to the merger which carries only incomming clock signals?


If so i think it will be an interesting "swiss knife" for a lot of GrooveBox owners.


Thanks anyway for all your efforts to DIY community!

Best regards


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