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I've started putting together a collection of articles in the Wiki...  Still a work in progress, obviously, but I'm planning on writing a bunch of articles that go a little more in depth on specific features, concepts, etc. than the user manuals on uCapps do.  ...Articles that might help people new to MIDIbox to understand the devices, or which might even help experienced users discover workflows they hadn't thought of on their own.


Feel free to add your own articles or link to existing ones.


I'm going to be mainly covering the SEQ V4 and V4L, since I haven't built any other MIDIbox devices.  Hopefully others will add articles for other MIDIbox devices.


I'm going to start a discussion thread in this forum for each article so people can discuss, comment, make corrections, ask questions, etc. without having to register a wiki account.  I'll link each thread to the related article on the Wiki.

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Thank's a lot for starting this initiative!


Your articles are very nice to read and contain many details which might not be obvious for many people who haven't followed the development progress in the last years. 


I hope that other users will contribute as well :)


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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