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MB-6582 Question (6 chips or mixed setup)


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Hey all,


I have an MB-6582 with 6 x 6582a chips since i cannot for the life of me find where i placed the other 2.


Is it possible/safe to build/run it with 6 of them in and have 3 stereo or would it be easier to put in 4 and run them all in mono. If it wont work with 6 can i run it with 6 x 6582a and combine it with 2 x 8580's that i have laying around or would this totally mess the whole thing up. I know i cant combine it with the 6581's since they run on different voltages but just wanted to see if its possible to run with blanks/mixed first.

I have already tried searching and although this probably exists somewhere i couldnt find the right search combination to find an answer. Any help is greatly appreciated.


All the best,


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