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SD card STM32f4 error


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I may have messed up my STM32F4 board.  I accidentally plugged the 74HCT541 in backwards while trying to power it up for the first time.  No lights came on.  

I replaced both chips on the  core module and got the boot loader and LCD working.  I installed Midibox NG 1.032 but my SD card fails. :(


From MIOS Studio 2.4.6 (here are the details)

[319531.507] sdcard
[319531.499] SD Card Informations
[319531.500] ====================
[319531.500] ERROR: Reading CID failed with status -256!
[319531.500] ERROR: Reading CSD failed with status -256!
[319531.500] Reading Root Directory
[319531.500] ======================
[319531.500] SD Card: not connected
[319531.500] Failed to open root directory - error status: 12

[319531.500] done.



I tried two 8 gig sd cards (one Ultra) format FAT 32.



I checked continuity between the solder pads of the sd card before assembly nothing seemed to be causing a short circuit.


Is there a way to trouble shoot SDCard or Connector and the STM32F4 board ?


I couldn't locate error status codes while searching the forum.




A confused GuitarNut

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I've never seen this before!

It seems that communication with the SD Card is working, but it doesn't behave like a common SD Card.

E.g. the CID contains some manufacturer informations, and the CSD some implementation parameters - they can be retrieved.


Would it be possible to try out a different SD Card from another manufacturer?

Can also be a very cheap one.

<= 4 GB cards should be preferred, 


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Thank you, for the quick response.

Yes, I will try a 4GB card to see if that makes it happy.


I did notice that the same errors occur when there is no SD card in the slot.


I removed the STM32F4 board from the socket and made a continuity test for all pins on the SD card and where they arrive at J16.

I notice some crossed lines in my test, I'm including a drawing showing my results.


In my continuity test, pin 9 & 6 of the SD card bridge both RC1 & RC2, while pin 3 joins them at RC1 of J16.

Is this a proper connection?



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Interesting, I didn't know this failure more yet.


Yes, if course - the two RC pins should be separated, there shouldn't be a short between the two pins.


You can doublecheck this by removing the STM32F4DISCOVERY board.

If there is still a short, check the appr. solder joints


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Ok,  I tried a 2 gig SD card with no improvement. :no:


Triple checked the solder connections on the board and SD card socket

these seem fine and, I was incorrect in my earlier post (I confused the orientation of J16

making me think I had a short between RC1 & RC2 it was actually Vs & Vs). 


Do you think I may have damaged the STM32F4 board by powering it up with an incorrectly oriented 74HCT541 chip?


I'm considering purchasing another STM32F4 for comparison.



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  • 4 weeks later...

OK, Finally completed a second Breakout board, this time it worked!  :smile:


Must have messed it up while building it. 


Please disregard the graphic earlier in the thread.  

I incorrectly labeled the connector.

I wouldn't want to confuse anyone.


If TK could delete this thread that would be OK with me.

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