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Core 8 with PIC, DIN Kit, AIN Kit, some necessary connectors and cables.

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I bought these parts to make another Midibox in 2012 but I just don't have the time to take on another build. Box is unopened from original delivery from Smash TV, so all parts assumed to be inside, beautifully wrapped and totally as new. I was planning a smallish Midibox and with a few more AIN's / DIN's you could expand.
Cost me $99 - £64 to get to the UK plus VAT on arrival Total = £74
Happy to post wherever but probably most useful for a UK user. Call it £45? plus postage?
Let me know at toby (at) - or make an offer. 
Ill post it out from UK for you.
1 x CORE KIT, OP1=With PIC18F452 9.95, OP2=0000 0000 0000 0000, OP3=With
PANEL_skts 2.00, SHP=United Kingdom-Airmail 
6 x 10pinIDC_Connector
5 x 10pRibbonCable
5 x 5pSILConnector

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