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sammichSID help with flashing UK based


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I have finished building and hardware testing a sammich, but unfortunately I seem unable to flash it with any of my MIDI interfaces.


Is there anyone in the UK that is able to help me by either lending me a known working MIDI interface, or doing the flash for me if I send them the sammich?


I am unfortunately unable to source a nuesonic cable, and all 4 interfaces i've tried won't seem to do it.


Please contact me and let me know if you can help.


Many Thanks,



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HI Rowan


Just wanted to say thank again for flashing the sammich.


I've had some time to play with it now and i think one of the sids is partially damaged, hence the strange some patches mono and some drumkits only partly sounding, so i've ordered a new pair of 8580's and will fit them when i get them and hopefully this will fix the issue.


I haven't had a chance to wire it up to midi yet, but a friend at work did today but his keyboard wouldn't play it but his novation would! go figure.


Anyhow, once its all up and running with the new sids i'm going to take it to my midi loving friend and see what we can do.


Thank you so much for all your help.

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