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  1. Using a 16x4 BLM, TPD and Aout_NG together

    I've tested all the parts individually and everything works correctly.  SEQ>Tx>Rx>DOUTX4 Works SEQ>Tx>Rx>BLM>TPD Works i'll spend some time in n it over the course of the next week and see if I have any further success. What I do need to do is interrupt the 5v power supply that is sent over the db25 cable and power the BLM & TPD with a local PSU. All these modules are drawing too much current from the SEQ causing the LCD displays to have virtually  no contrast. PM me adopt the LEDs, I might take you up on them. I've got the buttons and all the parts for the core. The LEDs might be enough to push me over the edge and buy the rest of the components.  
  2. Using a 16x4 BLM, TPD and Aout_NG together

    That is exactly what I thought but no dice!  What I really need to do is bite the bullet and build the 16x16 BLM I got from you a few years ago. 
  3. So I'm trying to use a 16X4 BLM and TPD with an AOUT_NG and having trouble getting the buttons and encoder working on the BLM and TPD I think I have my HW config file set-up correctly.  The way it's set up is a bit complicated so I'll explain that first. The modules are connected as follows. (I've omitted the AOUT_NG as it's working) Core>Wilba's FP>Line Driver Transmitter>Line Driver Reciver>DOUTX4>Line Driver Transmitter>Line Driver Reciver>16x4 BLM>TPD All of the LEDs and 7 segment displays work as they should, it's just the DIN side of things that isn't working.  Having read the documentation for the Line Transmitter it would seem that I need to connect pin 10 of the last 74HC165 on the front panel PCB to J2:SI on the first Line Transmitter PCB. Is this correct and if so does anyone know which IC on Wilba's PCB is the last 74HC165 in the chain?
  4. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I just tried this out and in worked extremely well, I've now got sub mV accuracy.
  5. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    +1 for this.  I would also like to sequence my 208r with my MB without having to use a 1V/Oct > 1.2V/Oct conversion device
  6. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Problem solved. I had an incorrectly seated cable on J2 on the Line Driver Transmitter board. Everything is now working as expected. 
  7. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    I'm messing about this at them moment and have connected a few modules together to test things.  I have a STM32F4 core, MIDI IO & Line transmitter connected to a line reciver, AOUT_NG and DOUTX4. Im running Sneaktheifs complied firmware on the core. everthing apart from the DOUTX4 is working as expected. The gate output is always high/on. I know that the line reciver/AOUT_NG/DOUTX4 and DB25 cable part is working as I use it with my MBSEQ. Ive edited the MBCV hardware config file to match my hardware.  To test I'm using an ancient Casio Vz-1 midi out to test. The AOUT CV is tracking the midi notes fine.  I did a little research into the Midi implementation of the VZ-1 to discover that it does NOT send proper Note-Off messages, just the pesky Velocity=0 therefore not adhering 100% to official Midi spec.  Now here is the question, does the MBCV app rely of receiving Note-Off messages to turn the DOUT gates off? Knowing this will aid my trouble shooting as the problem may be with the controller and not the MB.
  8. mb6582s in brushed finish (buchla ish)

    In the same format that you currently do for the MB-SEQ panels, just a change of material. 
  9. mb6582s in brushed finish (buchla ish)

    Any chance of cutting a MB-SEQ set in with this material?
  10. WTB AOUT_ng PCB

    Hi Paul, I've got a stuffed and tested AOUT_NG that I'm willing to sell. Drop me a PM if you are interested. Cheers, Rowan
  11. Krell Patch

    I'm not one to push my music out to the world as its usual very bad but in this case Ill bare my soul as it think this is very good....... if you happen to like this type of noise    
  12. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I've got a small feature request I'd like to make..... 1.2 Volt/octave output mode in addition to the existing 1 Volt/Octave and Volt/Hz modes. The standard used by Buchla modular gear is the non-standard 1.2 Volt/octave pitch scale.  Im in the process of building a Buchla 208 music easel clone and I'd like to be able to sequence it with my MB Seq 
  13. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    This is a great idea.  Ive got some of the cases Adrian has designed/made for Mutable Instrumens products and can vouch for the quality and value. Adrian already has a strong track record so should be taken seriously. 
  14. Chaining A DIN's after a DOUTX4

    The PCBs are pretty old. I got them from Smash about 10 years ago.  When I connect the BLM to J2 on the DOUTX4 the upstream DOUT shift registers work but the DIN shift registers aren't passing anything downstream. If I take the DOUTX4 out of the equation and connect the BLM directly to the Line reciver it works (I haven't set up the HW config correctly yet). I've got the TPD at the end of the chain. I need to get out a DMM and see if the SI pins on J1 and J2 are connected.  What I really should do is build the 16x16 BLM I got from you, that will solve the problem.
  15. Quick question here. i want to chain a DIN's after a DOUTX4 module and looking at the DOUTX4 schematic I'm thinking I may be able to solder a jumper between the SI pin of J1 and the SI pin of J2  to pass the DIN data back to the Core.... Any ideas if this will work? I'll explain what I'm trying to do.  I've got a MBSEQ (STM32F4 core) which connects to a AOUT NG and DOUTX4 via a MBHP Line Driver/Reciver, this works fine. I want to add a  16x4 BLM and TPD to this setup.