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Found 11 results

  1. I have recently acquired a Midibox seq v4 from another member here. And it's incredible! I've managed to customise the F1-F4 buttons and the button behaviour of others to my liking. I've mapped the morph CC on my Midi Controller. I'm stuck trying to map a few other controls like the humanizer, robotizer. I've got the CC list from the beginners guide. I've tried assigning the corresponding CC's/NRPN on my midi controller. Tried to set up a node in Midi Router to receive midi controller and send Selected Track. What am I doing wrong here? I have a drum machine in track 1 (port1 on channel 11) Thanks for your help
  2. Hi, I'm trying to setup J10A D0 as a tap tempo input but I'm not sure how to declare this input in the configuration file. Any hints are welcome. Best, Frank
  3. I hope someone can figure out what is going on as I am stumped... I have 1 tracks set up for four instruments via MIDI out1 , T1 Mininova T2, JP-08 T3 JX03 T4 SH-01a Last night I had an odd issue where by T1's "live record mode = on" led to it constantly erasing the previous notes that i had recorded....even when no new notes are being played via the MIDI IN 1 port... This is indistance to ALL other tracks, on those tracks I could eave "live record mode = on" active and running in the background and the notes would only get replaced in the sequence when a new note was played on the keyboard any ideas what I had done?
  4. Hi Guys, I am finaly near the end of my build of a seq4. Only need to have the Aout_ng and possible the D-out working. The D-out I will try to build on a breadboard for some extra gates and clocks. Realy looking forward for the awesomeness of controlling a modular with the midibox. Thanks again TK for bringing the AWESOME project to the public. Would you have any idea what can be the issue here with my aout_ng? Does anything below indicate wrong wiring? MBSEQ_GC.V4: "CV_AOUT_Type" and set it to 3 for AOUT_NG And on the CV Configuration Page the aout_ng is set. Core STM32F4 AOUT_NG on j19 Connected like J1:1 -> J19:Vs J1:2 -> J19:Vd J1:3 -> J19:RC1 J1:4 -> J19:SO J1:5 -> J19:SC At least I hope. No led is enabled on the Aout after booting the midibox and the DAC is not getting warm. I have only J1-j19 connected so no 12-/+ V on J3 On pin 20 on the TL5630 I got 4.5V on pin 11 as well -Aout not set in the config 4.5v on pin5, 20, 23 and 11 of the dac -Aout set in the config 4.5v on pin2, 5, 20, 23, 11 of the dac [6016.659] Setting AOUT:CS pin to ca. 5V - please measure now! 4.5v on pin2, 3, 4, 5 of the dac [6016.659] Setting AOUT:CI pin to ca. 5V - please measure now! 4.5v on pin2, 3, 4, 5 of the dac [6476.996] Setting AOUT:SC pin to ca. 5V - please measure now! 4.5v on pin2,3,4,5 of the dac Does anybody has a hint what I should check? Thanks in advance, Cheers Tim
  5. UPDATE - In the meantime, I have managed to sort this by setting up bookmarks for the buttons in question and then saving the pages t the bookmarks ------------original message ---------------- Sorry to have to lean on the community once again...I have spent a day trying, trust me ! I have finally decided on a new front panel layout that suits my needs better than the (premade) midibox that I am using... I have managed to use the MIOS file browser to setup many buttons to do what I want them to do ( changing the pause button to a dedicated record button for example ) however, there are a few pages that are themselves, nested in other pages ( Echo / Human / Scale ...all within FX for example) I wondered if it is possible to use a single button to DIRECTLY go to these sub pages , for instance I press a button on the front panel and it brings up the ECHO page ( the one with track/echo on/repeats/delay etc etc ) directly, rather than, as I am now, having to press the FX page ( which I CAN find as a direct button) and then have to use the GP buttons to select the NEXT page down?? If someone can let me know one example of how to do this and where that reference is located, I am sure I could then sort out the other "sub menu buttons" that I would like to have. thanks Phill
  6. Hi all, I am getting to grips with the MBSEQ_HW.V4 file after a few years off altering stuff and I am half way to my goal... what I want to do is re-purpose the "ALL" button ( which I don't find myself using much ) as a dedicated record button BUT WITH THE LED toggling between on and off as the unit comes in and out of record. I would find this really useful... I can already map the button itself using the SR and Pin of 4 6 but I can't figure out how to make the buttons LED toggle between off ( not in rec mode) and on ( in rec mode) can anyone throw some light on this? thanks Phill
  7. Hi all, Please go easy on me, I am new to MIDI and Sammich! I have built a Sammich a few months ago now, and was having problems flashing it, Rowan kindly had a look at it and between him and TK it was fixed (bad optocoupler) Rowan flashed the MIOS and patches for me and I replaced the opto coupler, and bought 2 new SID's as the existing ones were both slightly faulty, now its up and running and the Sammich sounds great triggering the patches from the buttons on it's front panel. Now, here comes the problem: I have wanted to hook it up via MIDI so I can play the patches with a keyboard, which i think should be fairly straight forward based on other MIDI devices I have used. When I hook up the Sammich to my controller keyboard I set it to send on channel 1, I also make sure in the patch on the sammich, in the menu that it is set to also use channel 1, I play the keyboard and nothing happens, I cycle through patches and make sure they are on channel 1 also, but still nothing? I have also hooked the sammich up to fruityloops via a Umidi USB cable (as suggested by the whitelist) and set fruity to output on channel 1, now this does strange things, sometimes the patch will trigger or play randomly or sometimes it causes the sammich to cycle through patches randomly? I have midi out on the keyboard and or fruityloops to midi in on the sammich. I have taken it to a friend who is a bit more knowledgeable with MIDI than me, and he has had a play and thinks there may be an issue with the sammich not properly responding to the midi information, and possibly miss translating what it is receiving. Could this be me just not knowing enough about MIDI, or is there potentially another issue with the sammich that needs correcting, like with the faulty optocoupler? Any help appreciated, and if someone could confirm the best way to make sure it is receiving MIDI and translating it properly that would be great. Thanks, Kai.
  8. Hello, I have finished building and hardware testing a sammich, but unfortunately I seem unable to flash it with any of my MIDI interfaces. Is there anyone in the UK that is able to help me by either lending me a known working MIDI interface, or doing the flash for me if I send them the sammich? I am unfortunately unable to source a nuesonic cable, and all 4 interfaces i've tried won't seem to do it. Please contact me and let me know if you can help. Many Thanks, Kai.
  9. So sorry to be a burden to the group....it seems I got over excited with my updating and probably did something stupid. I downloaded the latest firmware v4,086 and started up MIOS Studio 2.4.6 everything seemed as I had left it and it discovered my Midibox via my cheap Chinese style usb to midi in/out cable no problem. here is where I THINK I went wrong... I had the options of folders MBHP_CORE_LPC17 MBHP_CORE_STM32 MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 I chose STM32F4 (I now suspect wrongly) MIOS let me upload just fine and I did get the ...success...message at the end of the upload. I then turned my MIDIBOX SEQ V4 off and on again...only to be greeted with black squares on the display...nothing else. no amount of waiting around will yield it doing anything else and now it won't seem to connect via my USB to din cable at all... I took a look through the trouble shooting guide but I am not seeing my usage case. please help if you can, I am really worried I have killed my box. thanks Phill
  10. Hi again, I have spent another wonderful evening with my Midibox Seq v4 and I am starting to feel pretty at home with the front panel and its sequencing however, I seem to be having issue with realtime recording, it seems like certain notes played from my input keyboard are causing the sequencer to stop rather than recording the notes in realtime, I cant figure out why it would be doing this... the notes also seem to trigger some kind of switching between the layers ( I am figuring this form the 1,2,3 lights changing as certain notes are pressed)... any ideas what I have set up wrong?
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