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Screensaver for OLED displays?

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Just for the start, I don't have functional OLED display (yet :fingerscrossed:), I'm no C programmer at all and my electro-technical knowledge is purely based on self-education.


But now there is a hypothetical chance that TK might include support for 40x2 OLED displays from Raystar. And there are other OLED based projects coming. It is said that OLED's have usually shorter lifetime than classical LCD's. So it might be good to have some screensaving option. OK, 80.000 hours (forementioned Raystar specs) is over 9 years and nobody is leaving their gear on for that long but still ... it would be nice to run the same SEQ after some years without the need of LCD replacement.


LXR by Sonic Potions has nice OLED too and screensaver is already implemented. I wonder how difficult it would be to borrow this stuff and implement it as an optional LCD setting?





set lcd_ss 1



for activation and



set lcd_ss 0 



for deactivation of the screensaver via the bootloader update app.


Direct or HW dependent dynamic in-app system menu option would be of course more convenient but I don't know how relevant and feasible it would be for various apps and HW configurations.


Beat me with pros/cons arguments, ideas etc. ;-)




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What is the screensaver doing, just printing some text on the screen?


The existing MBSEQ V4 boot screen might be a nice solution for this; just to turn it on after a configurable time until a control element is moved.

Actually the idea of this pseudo-graphic during boot is borrowed from the screen saver of a Waldorf Micro Q, I already considered to use it as a real screen saver as well :)


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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LXR's screensaver draws randomly positioned ... mmm ... how to describe it ... flowers? bubbles? ... this:




But I guess whatever will work. Considering the logo animation is already in place it's perhaps easier to implement than other persons code.

Behavior is the same in LXR as you've described it.


Thanks for your feedback.

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Here a new version with Screen Saver and support for CLCD_PP:



The Screen Saver will be activated after 30 minutes.

The time can be changed in the UTIL->OPT menu (here it can also be disabled)


For testing it can be directly activated by entering "screen_saver" in MIOS Terminal


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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