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  1. Thanks for the heads up on pd party. I just got iPad so I might eventually give it a shot. But won't promise anything. Unfortunately I was not able to increase PB range and I've tried to compile on various Linux boxes and Win10 too. Still the same error.
  2. Thanks a lot! That's really valuable info. I hope to get my build toolchain set correctly so I can try to compile it again. I'm curious if the values can have decimals/cents. I.e.: 6 = 4 semitones 3 = 8 semitones 1.5 = 16 semitones 1.125 = 24 semitones...? 0.75 = 32 semitones It can be totally false assumption... I desperately suck at math :-)
  3. Problem still persists. I've set up a build environment on another machine (AVLinux, 64bit) and getting similar error. It seems that the source code of Goom port is broken somehow because other midibox apps are being built fine. Creating object file for wave.s sed: can't read project_build/src/wave.dd: No such file or directory /home/cube48/midibox/mios32/trunk/include/makefile/common.mk:172: recipe for target 'project_build/src/wave.o' failed make: *** [project_build/src/wave.o] Error 2 Is anybody else able to build the Goom from source available in MB SVN repository?
  4. I'm sorry for cross-posting but maybe someone can help me here. I try to build the Goom synth app and getting this error message during 'make'. Linux Mint 16 Petra 64-bit. . .. ... .... ..... Creating object file for notestack.c Creating object file for mini_cpp.cpp Creating object file for freertos_heap.cpp Creating object file for wave.s sed: can't read project_build/src/wave.dd: No such file or directory make: *** [project_build/src/wave.o] Error 2 If I re-run the make, it finishes successfully but the resulting file is incomplete (smaller than the original and functional pre-bu
  5. Can anyone give me a hint on building the Goom firmware please? I have two issues. 1) I'm trying to amend the source code to get the 24 semitones of pitch bend to make full use of Linnstrument's pitch slides. Having no C coding skills I managed to find two possible spots in synth.c file. Line 191 mentions original +/- 2 semitones setting but I don't know if it's the right place to do the change and how to update the formula to get 24 semitones. u+=pbend[v->chan]/12; // gives +/- 2 semitones Line 392 seems to have something to do with pbend as well. pbend[mid
  6. Morpheo is a PD-Extended patch for Goom synthesizer. It's optimized to be run on dedicated Raspberry Pi 2 box with 800x480 touchscreen but works from any computer with PD-Extended. Main features are: ability to edit all Goom synth params from the control surface except Sustain which you can feed into it from your MIDI controller with Sustain switch switch between MIDI channels and edit the channel patches separately - switching the channels will store the current edits into 'channel patch' and is saved within PD file store up to 256 different sounds/patches (16 banks x 1
  7. The polyphony is allocated dynamically. So you can play 16 different monophonic sounds or 16 voices in one sound/channel or anything in between. I didn't encounter it yet but there will be some voice stealing going on when you reach the limit. I intend to publish my Pure Data control surface soon. I'm debugging the extra CC generator and have to update the documentation but it's very close. It's called Morpheo and will give you: ability to edit all Goom synth params from the control surface ... well ... except Sustain which you can feed into it from your controller with Sustain
  8. @Keeze, did you use any sort of "editor" to control the sound params? At default the channels are silent (all values at zero?). You have to "initialize" the patch that means pull the volume up (I think it's CC108), set the AMP ENV to audible values, open the filter etc.
  9. Guys, those of you who played around with port of Goom synth on STM32F4, do you also get snaps and clicks while hitting harder the keys? I'm hearing a lot of clicks at certain patch settings. They sound like typical 'too fast' envelope clicks but playing around with envelope attack and release is not taking them out. Yet it still sounds like if the engine chokes for millisecond when rendering a fast change in the sound. Actually it's not bothering me as it's not sounding always unpleasant and it even gives unique character to the sound. I really like the dirty digital character of ported
  10. One tip for the combination of Heidenreich case and the OLED's mentioned above. If you don't want to mill out the rim above the displays, you can just add two sheets of transparent acrylic glass between the display and front panel (cca 2mm thick). It moves the display a bit deeper into the case yet it remains easily readable and ads the distance needed to avoid the interference with the rim + plus provides protection of the display. For me it was easier to cut the acryl glass than milling alu. I can imagine that using blue glass could give you green characters with this yellow OLED.
  11. Thanks to all for the effort to make this possible! But I'm stuck with silent STM32F4. I've successfully flashed the bootloader and the Goom app, tried all the project.hex files from this thread. In MIOS Studio all seems fine. Ctrlr and other apps can see the MIOS32 MIDI device. I've set MIOS32 as MIDI input and output device but it doesn't produce any sound. Tried it on Linux and Win7 with the same result. Did I miss any important step in the setup procedure? Thanks for any tips! EDIT: Problem just solved itself. I don't know what exactly I did but it works now. Perhaps I just had to unset t
  12. If I remember correctly PC is just a CC so it should be possible with CC layer.
  13. Acceptable? Are you serious? More than welcome! :-D Could this on/off enabler be configurable? Switch or hold behavior, set in the config file? Or even switching this behavior by some multi button combo? Just a quick idea popping up after your proposal.
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