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I just made a new version for the AOUT_NG Module with SMT compoments.

I made it with Altium Designer.


Can Accept Voltages up to 18V.

Smaller PCB with height: 6.9 cm length 5.8 cm.

All compoments are SMD type exept the Headers.

All resistors are 1% tolerance.

Murata Trimmer Resistors.

All Capacitors are Panasonic.

Teardroped Pads and Power planes are carefully designed.


Here are the Schematic and PCB Design for Altium ( Custom Library of the compoments is included ) AOUT_NG_SMT.rar

Also 2 pictures with the pcb in 3D mode.post-20635-0-55737900-1429722196_thumb.ppost-20635-0-69387200-1429722204_thumb.p



You can build your own DIY Reflow solder oven and make smd reflow easy.

Here is a link for the one i use and is perfect. http://andybrown.me.uk/wk/2014/05/11/awreflow/




Best Regards


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What's the motivation for this one? The original is 80x80 mm so your's isn't that much smaller. Do you have a particular space constraint? I don't use Altium so I can't comment on the PCB design, but I'd suggest:


* Through-hole electrolytic caps. SMD are a pain in the butt, perhaps better with a reflow oven but I'm dubious about DIY versions of these in terms of their temperature homogeneity. The trimmers also look like they'll be annoying to mount, and are less mechanically robust for the long term.

* 2x5 DIL header for data. The original pinout is also incompatible with modern Cores.

* Better clearance around mount holes.

* Consideration of a new offset circuit that is truly switchable. Check some of my posts or Altitude's MAX525 SMT design.

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