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Dupont Crimp Connector


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You can buy these on eBay from China in small quantities, just search for "2.54 jumper" and you'll find them.


I use these type of cables all the time now. What I do is buy the cables with the single pin sockets at various lengths and I have a selection of common sized plug housings I.e. 1x2, 2x5, 2x8 etc, and I remove the single pin housing that Come already fitted and fit the housing I need. It's so much easier than having to crimp wires every time you need to connect something. They also make testing out wiring much easier.

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That's satifying, thanks. I was crimping some wires and even with a crimping tool I found it really sucks. As I plan to connect my MIDI ports and LEDs via cable, because otherwise I wouldn't have enough space on my backpanel, I would have to crimp about hundred pieces. These really save me some time and stress.



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