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I've been using a ribbon cable to connect my mbseq core to an external TPD. I'm building a new backpanel for my case and would like to use a more elegant solution -- connecting J2 on my wilba frontpanel to a panel mounted socket and running a cable to the TPD. I can't seem to find any pinout documentation for the TPD input or the frontpanel J2 header. These are ultimately connected to J8/9 on the STM32F4 core. 

My question at the moment is do I really need a 10 conductor cable between the core/frontpanel and the TPD? Or can I just use something like an 8-pin din connector and cable? Or maybe something even smaller?

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Hi there,

no problem, you can use fewer wires, as some connections on the 10-pin IDC connector are mirrored. For the "Flatsequencer" :-) I only connected 7 wires as direct cable spaghetti connection: VS, VD, SO, SI, SC, RC1, RC2.

The pinout on the TPD mirrors the J8/J9 pinout on the STM32F4 board:

When you examine the PCB traces on the TPD board, it becomes evident, what must be VS/VD. If i remember correctly, if you view the TPD board from the top and rotate it 90 degrees to the right and lay it next to the STM32F4 as pictured above, the connections should match 1:1. (Edit: when the SEQ CS is connected to the STM32F4, you can use a mutlimeter in resistance measurement mode on the core J8/J9 to find the respective matching output pins on J2 of the CS board).

Many greets,



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