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Anyone Using Sprint Layout for PCB Design?


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I bought this a couple years ago on the recommendation of a HAM Radio friend:




I actually bought thier schematic package and front panel tool also, 49,90 Euro each at the time was well under $150 US. I like it, it's easy to use, Easy to make "Macros" (Compponents) and does boards up to 500mmx500mm so I can do 19' rack panels on one board which is the largest I'll probably ever need.


The drawbacks? No integration between schematic editor and board editor, they are two seperate programs and no importing the schematic into the board and having everything rubberbanded together like EAGLE and some others. Not a huge library like EAGLE, though EAGLE has almost too much to sort through. And making new components is super easy so not such a huge drawback. Other than that I quite like it, though to date I have never had a board manufactured. No 3d View either but is that really necessary?


I was using EAGLE a bit back in the day, I liked it OK but the cost for a version with Larger board size was Crazy back then. I see they have some lower cost options now, but still much more than this. I also tried KiCad back in the day and it just felt Clunky, unfinished, and wierd....Maybe it is better now nearly ten years later.


Anyway, wondering if anyone else is using this and maybe has a library of midibox parts they would share?

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